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Indigenous dancers explore relationship to fire in ‘Bayal Kaymanen’

July 30, 2019

Two indigenous dance groups — Mirki Performing Arts from Australia and the Northern Pomo Dancers from California — will perform Bayal Kaymanen on UC Berkeley’s Memorial Glade on Aug. 2. Hosted by the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, the dancers will perform a series of stories that explore the relationship of fire between the Yidinji Nation from Cairns, Australia, and the Northern Pomo from the Redwood Valley Rancheria, in California — two of the world’s oldest living cultures.

Arts & Humanities

Anthony CascardiFrom ancient times to the present day, people around the globe have raised fundamental questions about life through the arts, literature and philosophy. In the Arts & Humanities Division, faculty and students explore the human experience across an exceptionally broad range of subjects.

Madam Ambassador: The unusual trip from Barbados to Berkeley to Brazil

July 18, 2019

Tonika Sealy-Thompson, a PhD student in Global Urban Humanities, left Berkeley for the chance to serve her home country of Barbados as ambassador to Brazil. At 42, Sealy-Thompson is Barbados’ youngest-serving woman ambassador and one of the youngest ambassadors to Brazil. She credits her time at Berkeley as being integral to her readiness to take on the high-profile job.

I’m a Berkeleyan: Dance lecturer Latanya Tigner: ‘African American dance is ethnic dance’

July 17, 2019

Latanya Tigner teaches a class at UC Berkeley called “African Dance in Hip-Hop” in the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. It explores how African dance forms are found in hip-hop movement and African American social dance forms throughout the ages. In this photo, she’s performing “South African Can Dance,” choreographed by Dingani Lelokoane, at the 2012 Malcom X Jazz Festival.

Berkeley Talks: Berkeley artist Mildred Howard on the impact of gentrification in the Bay Area

June 24, 2019

The Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive hosted Mildred Howard, a widely acclaimed artist and longtime Berkeley resident whose family has deep roots in the Bay Area’s African American community. In a conversation with Leigh Raiford, UC Berkeley associate professor of African American studies, and Lawrence Rinder, BAMPFA’s director and chief curator, she discussion touched on a range of topics, from South Berkeley’s ongoing struggles with gentrification, to the role of the university in supporting diverse communities, to Howard’s own work as an artist.

D-Day anniversary evokes strong, 75-year-old memories for Berkeley faculty

June 5, 2019

Louise George Clubb, professor emeritus of Italian studies and comparative literature, recalls her memories of learning that her father had taken part in the storming of Omaha Beach.

The Fass track: Out of retirement to become The Magnes’ new faculty director

May 23, 2019

Paula Fass, who spent 36 years teaching history at UC Berkeley, came out of retirement this month to become the new faculty director at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Life and Art.

Beatriz Hernandez: ‘I want to be the one to tell a story that I can relate to’

May 15, 2019

Beatriz Hernandez, who will graduate with a degree in media studies this May, says she’s at her most truthful and vulnerable when she’s performing for an audience. She has worked for Cal Performances as an assistant front of house manager for the past three semesters.