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Undergraduate GSI Appointments

Appointment of Undergraduate GSIs in the College of Letters & Science

Occasionally, departments in the College of Letters & Science may have a shortage of applicants for graduate student instructor (GSI) positions. Undergraduates may be proposed for GSI positions under exceptional circumstances, but only if no qualified graduate student from the appointing department or from other departments is available.

To be proposed for appointments as GSIs, undergraduate candidates must:

GSI & Postdoctoral Appointments

Appointing GSIs at L&S

Read about procedures for the appointment of undergraduate GSIs in the College of Letters & Science. Such appointments are possible under exceptional circumstances when no qualified graduate students are available. Included are updated instructions, forms, links, and contact information. 

Getting Ready for Graduate School

It's never too early to begin preparing for graduate school. In fact, many of the choices you make throughout your time as an undergraduate will influence your readiness for graduate studies. UC Berkeley offers these tools and opportunities to help you make the most of your undergraduate experience.

Undergraduate Research Program

Berkeley is unique for its commitment to including undergraduate students in research enterprises, as evidenced by the fact that more undergraduates at Berkeley go on to earn Ph.D.’s than at any other college or university. The Office of Undergraduate Research helps students map out a strategy, connect with faculty and mentors, and obtain funding opportunities to support their research.

Research Programs

Two types of research projects are open to undergraduate students:

Charles Huang and Lillian Qian

Charles Huang, class of ’93, is the co-creator of Guitar Hero, the music video game he and his brother developed in 2005. Charles was so confident in the game’s potential that he launched it entirely with personal funds. “I think the game will sell,” Charles reassured his wife, Lillian Qian. Charles’s instincts proved correct: Guitar Hero was an instant sensation.