Exceptions to Policy

Selected financial transactions that are exceptions to policy and require Deans' Office approval in L&S

Page updated in August 2014

Any questions on policy interpretations and procedures outlined below can be directed to Heidi E. Hoffman, Assistant Dean of the College, at 642-3081. Please note: The L&S Deans' Office is not the department of record for payment requests originating in L&S departments.

Documents are handled in the following manner:

Access to Campus Systems

General Systems

Calnet (basic campus ID and directory system)

  • Who should have access: Any campus staff needing access to online systems or services. Calnet identification serves as the basis for access to many systems. It also allows individuals to maintain their directory information. Information.
  • Access: Each department has one or more “deputies” who can enter the code necessary to set up Calnet identity online.

bConnected (bCal, bMail and bDrive)

L&S celebrates its new home at Homecoming

October 16, 2017
During this year’s homecoming weekend, L&S will mark the creation of its new home in the heart of campus.

Human Resources

Human Resources Support

Human Resources support is available from the Deans' Office in all areas of staff personnel matters. If you have any questions related to policies, union contracts, performance management, job descriptions, classification levels, salary, training, reorganization, reduction in force, etc., please contact the Human Resources Manager, Nick Dear, ext. 3-2695.

E-mail Aliases for Department Managers

Any comments, suggestions or questions about this service should be sent via e-mail to

All College of Letters & Science Managers:

L&S Facilities Office

Available to serve the College of Letters & Science with new construction, maintenance and operations services and support.

Email Facilities(link sends e-mail)

Director of Facilities: Brian Joseph(link sends e-mail), (510) 643-9934 (office), (510) 812-5750 (cell)

Funding of Faculty Recruitment Expense for L&S Departments

In addition to departmental resources, the deans of the College of Letters & Science can contribute to advertising and candidate expenses for each authorized position. Contact your division's budget officer for details and guidelines regarding amounts, fund source, and reimbursement procedures. The funds may be used for:

Discover the hidden talents of L&S faculty and staff

June 6, 2016
You know them as faculty members, school officials, researchers, co-workers and alums. But they are artists, too, and part of a campus community that’s rich in both celebrated and hidden artistic talent. Click each photo to read, in their own words, a little about why the arts and design — including music, dance, painting, theater, architecture and photography — give them joy and insight.

Financial Administration

Useful Tools for Administrators

  • Exceptions to Policy. This is a list of transactions in L&S that require the approval of the Deans' Office, such as entertainment, memberships, non-cash awards, honoraria, travel, and chair reimbursement.