Tavi Clark

Graduate Student Intern

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
August 2015

Masters Candidate at San Francisco State University, MS in College and Career Counseling
BA in Theater and Psychology, Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts

A little about me:
I grew up camping, spear fishing, and performing in local theater in Hawaii. After high school I moved to Boston for undergrad, but have now called the Bay Area my home for almost 10 years (mostly in Oakland). It combines some of my favorite things about Hawaii and the East Coast, and has its own unique culture that emphasizes acceptance, diversity, and social justice, all of which are very important to me.

What led you here?
I have explored a wide variety of jobs and careers, including theater, nutrition, environmental science, financial counseling, massage therapy, personal care assistance, and eco tourism. Throughout my eclectic experiences, I have maintained my commitment to helping others and making positive changes in the world. At age 27, I went back to community college and developed a deep love for higher education as a tool for personal growth and transformation. While I wouldn't give up a single experience in my winding path, I am now most excited about my future in college and career counseling.

What is your approach to advising?
My goal is to provide students with a balance of information, support, and encouragement to explore. I want to help you navigate through the University system and get the most out of your time here at UC Berkeley, both academically and personally. Classes are just one (very important) ball, out of several, that you will be juggling in order to live a happy and healthy college life. I will work with you, helping you to prioritize wisely and make decisions that are right for you, that will enable you to accomplish your goals.