Tara Young

College Adviser

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
August 2012

What is your approach to advising?
I always tell my students that the best 2 things I can do for you is teach you to be dangerous enough to ask the right questions, and show you how to find your resources.  I'm always mindful, perhaps because I'm first generation, of transitions and adjustments and how challenging both of these can be. My goal is to assist students with their own transition to Cal by offering them options and showing them ways they can use to engage with their studies, succeed academically, and connect with resources available in the University.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Sociology at New York University in 1990. I have a Master of Arts in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Development and Academic Affairs from the University of Michigan (1997). I dabbled in becoming a university president so I served as an Administrative Fellow at Harvard University in 2005-2006.

How did you get here?
Prior to Cal (this time), I spent four years as an academic and career adviser at California State University, East Bay. I advised undergraduates, counseled returning and dismissed students, guided students through the appeals process, and monitored probationary student status. I first came to Cal in 1999 and was the Manager of Alumni and Student Relations at the California Alumni Association. Broadly in my career, I worked extensively in the area of anti bias and anti prejudice; and was the Assistant Director of UC Davis' Cross-Cultural Center. Like most people who get into higher education, I worked in admissions, and was an Associate Director of Admissions and Career Development at the University of Michigan Business School.

About me:
I've worked on my family history since 1996 and trained at the Oakland Mormon Library (Family History Center) as a volunteer geneaologist.  I love Star Trek TOS. 

Note: Trained in Undocu-Ally about current policies, laws, historical context, challenges for undocumented students; Trans: Gender Inclusion workshop in June 2015.

Current research: Advisers of Color UC research sources