Volume Software Licensing

LSIT provides an annual investment to reduce the cost of MatLab and LabView software and negotiates for added value wherever possible. We then recharge L&S orders to recoup the cost. If you have a question about this service or would like us to investigate other software packages, please let us know.

Obtaining Software

Software for your on-campus University-owned computer

If your computer is one of the standard, recommended configurations and was set up by Campus Shared Services IT, it will have the Berkeley Desktop installed on it. The Berkeley Desktop contains that most commonly used productivity software including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, as well as anti-virus software, the Google Chrome web browser, and the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software. Additional software for which the campus has a site-license is available for Berkeley Desktop machines via Self-Service, including Adobe Creative Suite applications, the Firefox web browser, and iTunes.

Campus-licensed software is also available from Software Central, including most of the software available with the Berkeley Desktop, mathematical and statistical software, software for accessing certain campus administrative systems, and ergonomics software. Some of the software on Software Central may be downloaded freely by members of the campus communities, but some require a fee.

In addition, the campus has agreements with various software vendors to distribute software through SHI. Some software distributed by SHI available at no cost, but other software is. SHI has a storefront integrated into BearBuy. Vendors available through SHI include Microsoft, Adobe, and FileMaker.

Note that in most cases, if your computer is managed by CSS IT, you will not be able to install software yourself unless it is available through Self-Server and the Berkeley Desktop is installed on your machine. You will need to contact CSS IT to request that the software be installed.

Software for your personally-owned computer

Some of the software available through Software Central is also available at no charge for personally-own computers, including Adobe products, anti-virus software, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

In addition, many vendors offer discounts to Unversity-affiliates. It is always a good idea to check with a vendor to see what discounts may be available. Also, there are retailers such as Creation Engine and OnTheHub that specialize in selling software at an academic discount.