Social Sciences: Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Service Awards

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About the Awards

The Dean and Chairs of the Division of Social Sciences initiated the Distinguished Teaching Award to encourage and reward faculty members who have been exceptionally generous and effective in both undergraduate and graduate teaching. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a faculty member who has made extraordinary service contributions to their department and to the campus

2020 - 2021 Awardees:

Distinguished Service Awards:

Joan Kask, Awardee

 Joan Kask, IAS

"I was astonished to get the award because I know so very many other staff who have contributed so much to service in the division and on the campus.  None of us work in a vacuum – no matter how much it may have felt so in this year of isolation – so this award is for all my peers who have worked so hard and with such dedication."

Kim Voss, Awardee

 Kim Voss, Sociology

"I have come to see that one of the most significant ways I can help to make the world a better place is to refuse to cede the best education and research to the private sphere. Instead, it has become deeply meaningful to me to make Berkeley the university that provides the world’s best education, both to the children of janitors and home health care workers and to children from more elite families. It has also become profoundly important to me to help ensure that Berkeley remains the place where scholars produce the research needed to create a more just, equal, and sustainable world."

Distinguished Teaching Awards:

Ozlem Ayduk, Awardee

Ozlem Ayduk,  Psychology

"When I first started teaching at Berkeley 19 years ago, the possibility of me receiving this award, or any teaching award for that matter, looked like a long shot. I wasn’t a bad teacher, I was perfectly alright but, given the extraordinary number of gifted teachers we have on this campus, I did not see myself as a candidate that had that special humph. Therefore, having been judged worthy of this award means a lot; it's both gratifying and verifying to know that I have become a better teacher with effort, time, and experience."

Keith Feldman, Awardee

Keith Feldman, Ethnic Studies 

"…being part of an active community of educators is what's made the work at all possible. Team teaching with colleagues in and beyond my department, guest lectures from colleagues near and far, graduate student instructors with immense creativity and compassion, campus units like the AC center and Digital Learning Services and the Libraries, the center for teaching and learning, the Social Science Division's own grad fellows, and the seemingly endless engine of ideas and troubling shooting that is the teach-net listserv. These are what's made finding new rhythms, creating new spaces and times together imaginable. But more than anything, it's been the students who've showed up however they could to craft their own rhythm, to make space otherwise, to show us how to make a meaningful education."  

Previous Awardees:

2018 – 2019

With the upheaval and challenges our faculty are facing  due to COVID-19,  in April 2020, Dean Ray took the opportunity to recognize extraordinary efforts in unprecedented times and awarded all active faculty within the Division the Distinguished Teaching and Service Award for AY 2018- 19. You can read more in this article sent out by the Social Science Matrix(link is external).   

2017 - 2018 

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Raymond Telles – Ethnic Studies
Professor Lance Kriegsfeld – Psychology

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Jennifer Johnson-Hanks – Demography
Professor Maximilian Auffhammer – Economics 

2016 – 2017

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Kurt Cuffey – Geography
Professor Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers – History

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Brandi Wilkins Catanese – African American Studies
Professor Terry Regier – Linguistics/Cognitive Science

2015 – 2016

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Martha Olney – Economics
Professor Ann Swidler – Sociology

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Sharon Inkelas – Linguistics
Professor Alan Karras – Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

2014 – 2015

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Gillian Hart – Geography
Professor Laurie Wilkie – Anthropology

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Mary Elizabeth Berry – History
Professor Benjamin Hermalin – Economics

2013 – 2014

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor David Romer – Economics
Professor Daniel Sargent – History

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Gary Holland – Linguistics
Professor Rich Ivry – Psychology

2012 – 2013

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Ron Hassner – Political Science
Professor Shari Huhndorf – Ethnic Studies

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Cathryn Carson – History
The Senior Staff of the Social Sciences:

  • Marianne Bartholomew-Couts – History
  • Paula M. Floro – Linguistics
  • Carolyn V. Frazier – Anthropology
  • Ann Gilbert – Deans' Office
  • Frances Katsuura – Psychology
  • Vicki L. Lucas – Political Science
  • Vernessa R. Parker – African American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women's Studies
  • Micheal Schneider – Demography, Sociology
  • Natalia Vonnegut – Geography
  • Phil Walz – Economics
  • Helen M. Workman – Deans' Office

2011 – 2012

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Juana María Rodríguez – Gender & Women's Studies
Professor Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton – Psychology

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor David Hollinger – History
Professor Robert Anderson – Economics

2010 – 2011

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Irene Bloemraad – Sociology
Professor Lev Michael – Linguistics

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Robert Knight – Psychology

2009 – 2010

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Ulrike Malmendier – Economics
Professor Serena Chen – Psychology

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Laura Stoker – Political Science
Professor Trond Petersen - Sociology

2008 – 2009

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Laura Nader – Anthropology
Professor Kerwin Klein – History

Distinguished Service Awards

Professor Michael Omi – Ethnic Studies
Professor Richard Walker – Geography

2007 – 2008

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor David Henkin – History
Professor Charis Thompson – Gender & Women’s Studies

Distinguished Service Award

Professor Stanley Brandes – Anthropology

2006 – 2007

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Shachar Kariv – Economics
Professor Ann M. Kring – Psychology
Adjunct Professor Robert L. Allen – African American Studies

Distinguished Service Award

Kenneth W. Wachter – Demography

2005 – 2006

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Professor Carlos F. Noreña – History
Professor Thomas B. Gold – Sociology
Professor Stefano Dellavigna – Economics

Distinguished Service Award

Professor David Card – Economics

No Awards given for 2004 – 2005

2003 – 2004

Excellence in undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching

Steven Fish – Political Science
Rosemary Joyce – Anthropology
Edward Miguel – Economics

2002 – 2003

Excellence in undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching

Barry Eichengreen – Economics
Oliver John – Psychology

Service to departments and the wider campus

Philip A. Cowan – Psychology
Andrew Garrett – Linguistics

2001 – 2002

Excellence in undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching

Dacher Keltner – Psychology
John H. McWhorter – Linguistics
Kenneth W. Wachter – Demography

Service to Departments and the Wider Campus

Larry M. Hyman – Linguistics
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2000 – 2001

Excellence in undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching

Robin Einhorn – History
Stephen Hinshaw – Psychology
Arlie R. Hochschild – Sociology

Service to Departments and the Wider Campus

Eve E. Sweetser – Linguistics

1999 – 2000

Excellence in undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching

Christopher Ansell – Political Science
Andrew J. Garrett – Linguistics
Paul A. Ruud – Economics

Service to Departments and the Wider Campus

Judith E. Gruber – Political Science

1997 – 1998

Innovation and Effectiveness  with Individual Students

Professor Sharon Inkelas, Linguistics
Professor Ann Swidler, Sociology
Professor Reginald Zelnik, History
Professor Maury Obstfeld, Economics

Service to Departments and the Wider Campus

Professor Sheldon Zedeck, Psychology

1996 – 1997

Innovation and Effectiveness  with Individual Students

Professor Michael Watts – Geography
Professor Raka Ray – Sociology
Professor George Breslauer – Political Science

Service to Students

Professor Christina Maslach – Psychology
Professor Leanne Hinton – Linguistics
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1995 – 1996

Mentorship of Undergraduates in Research

Professor Margaret Conkey – Anthropology
Professor Arthur Shimamura – Psychology  
Professor Bernard Nietschmann – Geography

Service to Students

Professor Ve Ve Clark – African American Studies

1994 – 1995

Sustained Excellence in Large Undergraduate Lecture Classes

Professor Leon Litwack – History
Professor Ken Jowitt  – Political Science
Professor Kent Lightfoot – Anthropology