Seven-Course Breadth: International Studies

What is International Studies Breadth?

The International Studies requirement is intended to educate students about current political, cultural, artistic and/or socio-economic life in at least one country other than the United States.


Course Options at Berkeley to Fulfill International Studies Breadth

Below are the current lists of Berkeley course options that are approved to fulfill International Studies. Please review the list that inculdes the term you plan to complete this breadth requirement. 

Eligbile Courses for International Studies Breadth for Spring and Summer 2018. To find out which courses are offered, use the Class Schedule.

International Studies Course Options for fall 2017

International Studies Course Options for fall 2016, spring 2017, and summer 2017

Breadth courses approved for Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) participants are listed on the FPF website.

LOOKING FOR AN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES BREADTH LIST PRIOR TO FALL 2016? Please see the main page for Seven-Course Breadth.

Please note: Through summer 2017, 3rd semester or higher level foreign language courses satisfy the International Studies requirement, as indicated in the Master Lists of course options. 

Beginning in fall 2017, ONLY 5th semester or higher level foreign language courses, offered by a limited number of departments, may be used to fulfill International Studies. 

Heritage Language courses cannot be used to fulfill International Studies.

Fulfilling International Studies Breadth with Study Abroad

Students may also fulfill International Studies breadth by full participation in the UC and UC Berkeley sponsored programs for study abroad listed below. All the required courses for each program must be completed with a C-/P or better.

Completion of study abroad programs sponsored by other accredited colleges and universities (for example, Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, CEA Study Abroad, Pitzer College Study Abroad) is also acceptable provided a student has obtained pre-approval from a College Adviser. Please note that not all programs may qualify.