Seven-Course Breadth: Historical Studies

What is Historical Studies Breadth?

The Historical Studies requirement is intended to provide students with perspectives on the human condition and an appreciation of the origins and evolution of the numerous cultures and social orders that have populated the earth. Courses fulfilling this requirement deal primarily with the human events, institutions and activities of the past.

Course Options at Berkeley to Fulfill Historical Studies Breadth

Below are the current lists of Berkeley course options that are approved to fulfill Historical Studies. Please review the list that inculdes the term you plan to complete this breadth requirement. 

Eligible Courses for Historical Studies Breadth for Spring and Summer 2018. To find out which courses are offered, use the Class Schedule.

Historical Studies Course Options for fall 2017

Historical Studies Course Options for fall 2016, spring 2017 and summer 2017*

Breadth courses approved for Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) participants are listed on the FPF website.   

*Please note that prior to spring 2017 the following departments had blanket approval for most of their courses for Historical Studies breadth: History of Art, and History. Beginning in spring 2017, these departments NO LONGER have blanket approvalBe sure to review the Historical Studies Course Options lists to confirm completion of this breadth area.


LOOKING FOR AN HISTORICAL STUDIES BREADTH LIST PRIOR TO FALL 2016? Please see the main page for Seven-Course Breadth.