Research at L&S

The Nation’s Premier Research University

Since Nobel Laureate Ernest O. Lawrence unlocked our understanding of the atom with his invention of the cyclotron in 1929, researchers at Berkeley and in the College of Letters & Science have continued to inspire generations with their ingenuity, making this university a hallmark of research excellence. Our faculty members win top awards, transform our lives, change the way we think about the world, and make news around the globe with their groundbreaking research.

Did you know that more undergraduates are engaged in research at Berkeley than at all Ivy League schools combined? And for graduate students, the College's programs offer access to research across the disciplines and under the guidance of the world’s best and sometimes most celebrated scientists and scholars. Each year, the Berkeley campus receives over half a billion dollars in research support, which funds the groundbreaking work of some 1,600 full-time faculty, over 10,000 graduate students, and  over 1,000 postdocs.  

From discoveries about the expanding universe to creating atomic-sized engines and exploring new approaches to treating AIDS, Berkeley is the home to big concepts and great minds that probe them. Cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research is being conducted within the university’s academic departments as well as in the growing number of research institutes and centers, museums, and field stations.

According to the latest rankings of the National Research Council, Berkeley has the highest number of graduate programs ranked in the top 10 in the nation, making it America’s premier research university. Berkeley’s high standing is due to the distinction of our faculty, the excellence of our Ph.D. programs, and the generous amount of funding for research programs.