Paige A. Lee

College Adviser

Joined the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in:
March 1992

What is your approach to advising?
I have a student-centered approach. I like to encourage students to take control of their education. My job is to be their academic support and to help them realize their dreams.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology
Ed. M., Counseling & Consulting Psychology, Harvard University
BA, Psychology, UC Berkeley

How did you get here?
Before I came to L&S as a College adviser, I worked in Housing and Dining Services for five years. During my 17 years as a College Adviser at L&S, I had the opportunity to work as an intern in other offices such as student group advising at the Office of Student Life and providing individual therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services as a pre-doctoral intern. I think my many years of service at the University have given me a rich background and understanding of the variety of services and resources that Berkeley has to offer.

What's your favorite part of your job?
I love working with students and helping them design an education that is exciting, fun and enriching. It's like doing a puzzle and finding all the right pieces. It's an adventure that I hope students are excited to embark on and I'm the travel guide who's helping them to find their way!

Most unusual job you ever had:
I wouldn't say it was unusual but I did work as a student clerk at Clark Kerr Campus when it first opened up as a residence hall back in the 80s (I know that I'm dating myself here)! I'm the person who moved all that furniture (which is still there) in many of those buildings!!!!

What's the best class you've ever taken?
Asian American Studies 20A with Ron Takaki.

About me:
I love Berkeley! I've been on campus since I was 15 years old, taking courses as a Professional Development Program student. It was the turning point in my life. Cal is a huge part of my identity which is probably why I never left. My hope for new students is that their time at Cal is just as memorable and life transforming as it has been for me!

What advice do you have for L&S students in general?
Unlike high school where your curriculum is dictated by state standards, designing your education at Cal is like putting together a gourmet meal that appeals to your palate! Creating a balanced schedule is like putting together a balanced meal. Two of your courses should be the meat and potatoes (or for you vegetarians, the tofu and beans) of your schedule. These will be core courses that will satisfy requirements for your intended major(s) or essential general education requirements (e.g. reading and composition, quantitative reasoning or foreign language). The third course should be your appetizer – a course you are interested in exploring and which may be a pre-requisite course to another possible major. On average, students change their minds about majors 3 to 4 times! The final course is your dessert course; this should be fun and hopefully lighter in workload from your other three courses. Remember! Too many heavy, core courses could be overwhelming and lead to digestive problems while having too many dessert courses could lead to empty calories! Having balance in your schedule and in your life is one of the keys to success at Cal. Welcome to Cal and Bon Appetite!

Note: trained in Undocu-Ally about current policies, laws, historical context, challenges for undocumented students.