L&S First Lecture Series at Golden Bear Orientation

July 20, 2018

Attention incoming L&S students! Join some of our amazing faculty for fun and insightful lectures during Golden Bear Orientation on Thursday, August 16. Get a taste of what's in store for you this fall!


Eileen Lacey: What Can Peromyscus, Promiscuity and Poop Tell Us About Human Behavior? (Haas Pavilion)

Timothy Hampton: Bob Dylan: Music as Poetry, Poetry as Music (Hertz Hall)

Dacher Keltner: The Science of Happiness: Insights from the Social Sciences (Pauley Ballroom)

Eliot Quataert: Life, the Universe and Everything (Zellerbach Auditorium)

Kathleen Moran: Why Hollywood Became "HOLLYWOOD" (10 Evans Hall)


Panos Patatoukas: Democratizing the Power of Financial Analysis (Zellerbach Auditorium)


John DeNero: Using Programming Languages to Understand Human Languages (Pauley Ballroom)

The Welcome event for all new L&S students takes place on August 16 at 9:00am in Haas Pavilion, right before the First Lecture Series begins.