Fall Program for Freshmen gets ready for Cal Day

April 11, 2018

Remember the first few days at college: excitement, fear, nervousness, acceptance or anxiety? Whatever those first impressions were, many remember their first year as the beginning of some of the best days of their lives. Research has shown that a student's first year shapes their perceptions of a college and will determine if they remain. In short, the first year is crucial because of its impact on student ​success.

​A few incoming L&S freshmen will ​select a first year pathway in the My Application Portal (MAP).  Among the choices are Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) where ​UC Berkeley provides similar small-group learning experiences for freshmen​.​  In many ways, first-year students need those intense, close encounters more than seniors do. Most small undergraduate colleges offer such intimate experiences all four years. But such a structure is hard to scale at large public colleges and universities, where most American undergraduate students are enrolled.

The​ FPF program focuses on helping the ​first year students navigate higher education and acclimate to the Berkeley culture.

  • ​ A typical math lecture size is 50 versus 400 on main campus.  ​
  •  ​FPF alumni have higher graduation rates than their non-FPF peers.
  •  ​100% of FPF instructors lead their own discussion sections.

FPF staff will be on hand at the Information Marketplace during Cal Day on April 21 to ​answer questions, and ​share how a ​first term in FPF will set ​students on a course to build a​n academic ​life that ​is rewarding.

Visit the FPF website for more information.