Mathematical & Physical Sciences

With a full-time faculty of about 160, the Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences seeks to expand our physical and mathematical understanding of the universe, from its microscopic substructure to its largest structures, from our own Earth to the edge of the universe and the beginning of time. The language used is mathematical. Discovery and understanding advance by the interplay between theory and experiment or observation.

Undergraduate majors include applied mathematics, astrophysics, earth science, geology, geophysics, mathematics, physical science, physics, and statistics. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in research with faculty in all disciplines.

In a recent National Research Council report, the overall ranking of Berkeley's doctoral programs in the physical sciences was number one.                                                                            

Dean Frances Hellman

Dean and Staff

Dean:  Frances Hellman

Assistant Dean of Academic Administration:  Vinaya Gokarn

Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration:  Wanda Nieters

Assistant Dean of Development, Development and College Relations:  Maria Hjelm

Assistant Dean of Diversity Programs:  Colette Patt

Divisional Program AssociateAshlee Baylis

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Chair Josh Bloom
Earth and Planetary Science
Chair Michael Manga
Chair Michael Hutchings
Chair James Analytis
Chair Sandrine Dudoit


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In addition, the College of Letters & Science offers an interdisciplinary major in chemistry (in cooperation with the College of Chemistry), as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (in cooperation with the College of Engineering). The College also offers a variety of additional interdisciplinary major and minor programs through Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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