Undergraduate Studies Divisional Leadership

The Division of Undergraduate Studies, serving approximately 23,000 students at UC Berkeley, is led by Dean Bob Jacobsen, a professor of physics. He oversees the division's undergraduate advising, student policy, interdisciplinary major programs, and academic enrichment programs serving both L&S and the campus as a whole.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Division of Undergraduate Studies will be led by Letters & Science Executive Dean Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, a professor of Sociology & Demography. Read about Professor Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Undergraduate Studies has three components: Academic Enrichment, Undergraduate Advising, and Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies. See below for more information about the division's programs.

Dean: Bob Jacobsen

Executive DeanJennifer Johnson-Hanks

Office of Undergraduate Advising Leadership

Students: information about how to get advice and make an appointment with a College Adviser can be found here:
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Bob Jacobsen Headshot

Dean Bob Jacobsen

Executive Dean Jennifer Johnson-Hanks

Executive Dean
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks