Social Sciences

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Adam Lau

The 15 departments and programs that comprise the Social Sciences Division are each among the most distinguished in the nation.

The transformational work done by the award-winning faculty and students of departments illuminates the tectonic changes in the global economy, climate, technology, and governance which we inhabit today. In addition, we pursue questions of the long durée: how do we create the good society? How is language acquired?

The Social Science division is the largest within the university, with 20 percent of the faculty and 25 percent of student enrollments. It is also the most diverse, which encourages the offering of a wide range of theoretical approaches and empirical methodologies for understanding the ways in which human beings, past and present, have organized their lives. This diversity offers scholars and students an unparalleled opportunity to range far and wide in their search for solutions to individual, social, and global problems.