Late Change of Class Schedule

Fall 2019 Only:

For Fall 2019 only the deadline to submit a Late Change of Class Schedule petition is 4 pm Friday, December 13, 2019 (the last day of RRR week).

We strongly encourage you to submit your petitions by Friday, December 6, 2019 as many of the petitions submitted during RRR week will need to be sent to the Office of the Registrar for processing; delayed processing may potentially impact students negatively, and we want you to be informed of such possible consequences so you can make an informed choice about whether to wait until RRR week to submit. 

Possible negative consequences may include but are not limited to the following:

  • A late drop or late grading option change not being processed until after the Office of the Registrar runs the academic standing report, so the student is on Academic Probation or subject to dismissal status
    • Students should monitor their records and contact L&S Advising if late actions should change their probationary status, and L&S Advising can verify then work with the Office of the Registrar to update student records.

    • Academic Probation and Subject to Dismissal status are not noted on the official transcript.

  • A late add or late grading option change is processed after the deadline for instructors to submit grades, so student is not eligible to earn Dean’s Honors due to having a missing grade or an insufficient number of letter graded units.
    • The Office of the Registrar runs the Honors to Date and Dean’s Honors processes once, and does not have a mechanism for identifying students who would otherwise be eligible after late actions are processed, nor is there a mechanism for posting honors to a record in such cases.  One of the criteria for Dean’s Honors is that there are no missing grades, so students who had a late add but no grade assigned are ineligible for Dean’s Honors.

    • One of the criteria for Dean's Honors is that there are no missing grades, so students who had a late add but no grade assigned are ineligible for Dean's Honors. 
  • Without the late action being processed a student is in violation of their Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal conditions and Financial Aid therefore does not disburse Spring aid in a timely manner.

    • Students in this situation should communicate with Financial Aid about their options.

  • Students who need to order an official transcript for the purposes of a scholarship, employment, insurance discount, etc. may not be able to provide an updated transcript in a timely fashion.

    • Student will need to wait until the late action is processed, and should monitor their record to determine whether the action(s) is processed.

    • Students can order official transcripts from their CalCentral My Academics page once their records are updated.

    • Academic Probation and Subject to Dismissal status are not noted on the official transcript.

While many of these possible impacts can be addressed or corrected after the fact, some of them cannot, and some may have ripple effects that persist even if the initial consequence has been corrected.  Please consider your options carefully before you decide to make use of the extended deadline.

The above content is for Fall 2019 only. The content below reflects the general policies and procedures for Late Changes of Class Schedule.

Late Change of Class Schedule Policy & Procedure

The following applies to requests for enrollment changes after the posted enrollment deadline dates.


Effective Fall 2017, College of Letters & Science students will be allowed up to two late action requests (add, drop, variable unit change, or grade option change) in the same semester one time during their UC Berkeley career. The policy applies to Fall and Spring semesters only. The College of L&S will not consider additional requests in subsequent semesters. Please consider your request carefully and meet with a College Adviser if you have any questions. It will be important to consider the impact of late action on your financial aid, progress toward degree, or academic standing, as these things are not checked during petition processing. If you are a student with a conduct violation, a student athlete, and/or an international student, you may need additional signatures and may have some restrictions. The forms below are used for Fall and Spring semesters only. Summer late action is processed separately, using a summer-specific form and does not count toward a student's one semester of late action eligibility.  

Method of Delivery

Please submit either the paper or online form, not both. Submitting both forms will slow processing time significantly.  

Online Form (Undeclared Students Only) 

The online form cannot be used if signatures are required from other departments or offices. You must use the paper form if signatures are required.

You must submit a paper form with all required signatures if:

      • You have declared one or more majors.
      • You are requesting to add a course or change variable units.
      • You are a student athlete.
      • You are an international student dropping below 12 units.
      • You are seeking a course drop due to a DSP accommodation.

If any of the above apply to you and you attempt to use the online form, your request will not be processed. Please read the policy above before clicking on Online Form. This form is used for Fall and Spring classes only.

Paper Form 

Please read the policy above before filling out the paper form. The paper form (linked above) must be used if you need to gather additional signatures. If turning in a paper form, please submit to the College of Letters & Science Office of Undergraduate Advising at either 206 Evans Hall or 156 Dwinelle Hall. Allow three weeks for processing and check Cal Central for enrollment updates. Any incomplete, unreadable, missing, or incorrect information will cause a delay in processing. This form is used for Fall and Spring classes only.

Deadline for Submission

The petition is due no later than 4:00pm on the last day of classes (Friday before RRR week).