Grateful for Self-Confidence

Yuyang Zhong '21 photo by Jim BlockWho I Am

Yuyang Zhong, Class of 2021, San Francisco, CA

How Donors Helped

Leadership Fund donors support Freshman and Sophomore Seminars, small classes that give undergraduates a chance to explore interesting subjects in intimate settings.

What Donors' Gifts Mean to Me

Freshman year can be intimidating at any university, but it's especially daunting at Berkeley, where it seems everyone is brilliant and driven. Taking a legal studies seminar with fewer than 20 classmates gave me confidence to discuss controversial issues and defend my opinions. I felt like I belonged in the intellectual community here.

My Plans for the Future

My time at Berkeley has been thought-provoking and eye-opening. I hope to learn more about myself and the wider world as a I pursue a double major in psychology and data science.