Giving to L&S Academic Programs

Office of Development and College Relations

The L&S Development and College Relations Office is responsible for raising private support for all L&S departments from alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations, and provides leadership and assistance to the campus community. 

The College of Letters & Science is made up of five academic divisions, each with their own funding opportunities, priorities, and development directors. Scroll down to learn more about each division, the different funds you can donate to, and for contact information of L&S development directors. 

Arts & Humanities

Gifts to the Arts & Humanities directly support faculty and students as they explore the human experience across an exceptionally broad range of subjects within our 19 departments and 12 groups and centers. Your investment ensures that our students are challenged by leading faculty to explore the deepest questions that shape their lives and our times. For more information or questions about how to give to Arts & Humanities, please contact:  

Carroll Christman(link sends e-mail)
Assistant Dean of Development, Arts & Humanities

Karen Booth(link sends e-mail) 
Director of Development, Arts & Humanities

Biological Sciences

Gifts to the departments of Integrative Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Physical Education have far reaching impact through our faculty and students’ foundational work in research, reserves, and museum collections. The breadth of disciplines represented in the division extends from the pursuit of fitness and science of sport, to the exploration of the structure, function, evolution, and classification of all organisms, from the building blocks of life to complex ecosystems. Your support for the Biological Sciences at Berkeley builds our knowledge of the living world and underpins our ability to cure diseases, understand our environment, and shape our future. For more information or questions about how to give to the Biological Sciences, please contact:

Kirsten Swan(link sends e-mail)
Assistant Dean of Development, Biological Sciences

Jilliann M'Barki(link sends e-mail) 
Director of Development, Biological Sciences

Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Gifts to the departments of Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Science, Math, Physics, and Statistics enable our faculty and students to discover and describe the laws of our world and our universe. MPS serves a rapidly growing population of students pursuing science degrees each year, while our faculty simultaneously maintain top research labs and are frequently in the news for their work ranging from novel ways to prepare our society for seismic events to new proofs that challenge conventional mathematical theories. For more information or questions about how to give to the Mathematical & Physical Sciences, please contact: 

Maria Hjelm(link sends e-mail) 
Assistant Dean of Development, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Jilliann M'Barki(link sends e-mail) 
Director of Development, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

Gifts to Social Sciences directly support faculty and students within our 12 academic departments, each among the most distinguished in the nation. We are a unique mix of scale and excellence, representing twenty-percent of faculty and twenty-five percent of student enrollment at UC Berkeley. Donations to Social Sciences ensure the competitiveness of a large and diverse community of students and researchers in important fields, such as African American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. For more information or questions about how to give to the Social Sciences, please contact:

Christian Gordon(link sends e-mail)
Assistant Dean of Development, Social Sciences

Mandy Brooks(link sends e-mail) 
Development Director, Social Sciences

Undergraduate Studies

For more information or questions about how to give to Undergraduate Studies, please contact:

Nadean Lindberg(link sends e-mail)
Asistant Dean of Development, Undergraduate Studies

College-wide Giving

L&S Leadership Fund

Furthering innovation and excellence

The College of Letters & Science Leadership Fund(link is external) creates learning experiences that stay with our students for their entire lives.  

Donor contributions make possible captivating seminars, world-class research programs and cross-disciplinary coursework that produce moments of discovery for thousands of undergraduates each semester. Students develop the critical thinking skills and open-mindedness that characterize an L&S education, becoming society's connectors, synthesizers, and innovators.  

Against a backdrop of shrinking state funding, your annual support is more important than ever to help our students make the most of their precious time at Berkeley.

Make a gift to the Leadership Fund today.

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