Funding of Faculty Recruitment Expense for L&S Departments

In addition to departmental resources, the deans of the College of Letters & Science can contribute to advertising and candidate expenses for each authorized position. Contact your division's budget officer for details and guidelines regarding amounts, fund source, and reimbursement procedures. The funds may be used for:

  • Advertisement, candidate travel, lodging, and meal costs.
  • Travel by faculty to conferences where recruitment takes place, provided the faculty give papers at the recruiting conferences; Committee on Research grants funding, or other appropriate funds, should be used for travel costs.
  • Reimbursement is limited to reasonable and effective travel, lodging, and candidate meal costs, and must comply with campus entertainment and travel policies. The funds cannot be used for general entertainment expenses or any expenses that cannot be charged to 19900 State Funds or other restricted funds (e.g., alcohol).

The campus requires departments to establish and use a management project code for faculty recruitment expense. Managers are encouraged to set up this code once a search has been authorized. Procedures for managing expenditures and claiming funds from the division are simplified in response to the reporting capabilities of BAIRS:

  • Using the BFS application form for management project numbers, establish a management project code for your department's faculty recruitment expense 3U_ _ XX where the third and fourth characters consist of your department prefix. Use this code for all faculty recruitment expenses. A separate code is no longer required for each authorized search. However, you should check with your division's budget officer for guidelines in setting up this code. For example, some divisions use the last two characters of the management code to identify the fiscal year in which the search was conducted.
  • As you charge costs, use the BFS account appropriate to the specific expense. You will most likely use your general operations org code. The program code is 40, and you have the option of using flex field codes according to your own tracking needs.
  • You are no longer required to submit copies of receipts.
  • When you have completed your recruitment activity or have spent the full amount of the allowance, contact your division's budget officer and provide the following information for their reimbursement request: number of positions authorized, recruitment ID number(s), total recruitment expenses incurred, total amount requested from the division, and the BFS chartstring(s) to be credited. Your division may have additional reimbursement guidelines. Contact your division's budget officer for details.