Access to Campus Systems

General Systems

Calnet (basic campus ID and directory system)

  • Who should have access: Any campus staff needing access to online systems or services. Calnet identification serves as the basis for access to many systems. It also allows individuals to maintain their directory information. Information.
  • Access: Each department has one or more “deputies” who can enter the code necessary to set up Calnet identity online.

bConnected (bCal, bMail and bDrive)

  • bConnected is Berkeley's implementation of Google Apps for education, including Mail, Calendar, and Docs/Drive. Information.

Cal Answers

  • Cal Answers is an analytical tool allowing UC Berkeley to view centralized, integrated information from various campus systems. Information.

HR & Payroll System

HCM (Human Capital Management) 

  • Online personnel system. Who should have access: staff responsible for hiring new employees or maintaining employee personnel records.
  • Information

HR BAIRS (HR reporting system)

  • Who should have access: managers and staff monitoring or coordinating personnel functions. General information can be found on the HR website.
  • Access Request: Once the online role application is completed, it should be routed to your divisional coordinator for review and approval.


  • Who should have access: all staff with primary responsibility for assisting with academic personnel coordination for the Deans' Office and the departments. Information.

OPTRS (payroll system)

  • Who should have access: staff entering payroll transactions for the department, including monthly pay, payroll adjustments and transfers, and leave usage. Information.
  • Access Request

Note: In order to receive access to the Payroll and Personnel System (PPS), a training must be scheduled with Central Payroll. For the next available training, please e-mail: payhelp@berkeley.eduPlease bring the following training materials to your scheduled training:

Additional training materials for informational purposes may be found on the OPTRS Reference Materials page.

Finance/Administrative Systems

Signature Authorization

  • Who should have authorization: managers or other staff who approve travel, entertainment, or payroll forms for the department. Information.

BFS (Berkeley Financial System)

  • Who should have access: staff who carry out or review purchasing, reimbursement, expense transfers, recharge functions. Information.
  • Access.

BAIRS (financial reporting system)

  • Who should have access: managers and staff responsible for budget, expense monitoring, or providing financial information to principal investigators. Information.
  • Access
  • Questions about required approvals: BFS Security Desk.

Travel & Entertainment

  • Who should have access: staff who process or review requests for travel or entertainment reimbursement. Information.
  • Access

Note: an access request will not be finalized until user has completed “Travel and Entertainment On Line Systems” training (sign up on UC Learning in Blu.

CDS (Campus Deposit System)

  • Who should have access: staff who make or monitor deposits of checks, cash, etc. for the department. Information.
  • Access

Supply Chain Management (direct purchasing from vendors through UC purchasing agreements)

  • Who should have access: staff making purchases from Office Max through UC strategic purchasing arrangement. Information.
  • Access

Blu-Card (university credit card for departmental purchases)

  • Who should have card: staff who have procurement responsibility as a primary role in their department. Information.

CADS (Campuswide Alumni/Development System)

  • Who should have access: staff involved in fundraising or who track or monitor gifts to the unit. Information.
  • Contact

Petty Cash

Phoebe (sponsored projects database)

  • Who should have access: the individual in the unit who prepares funding proposals and tracks extramural support. Information.
  • Contact: Neil Maxwell642-0123.

Student Systems

DB2 (student database, including class schedules, transcripts and training)

BearFacts (web-based database with information from DB2, providing student lists, etc.)

  • Who should have access: staff who deal with students or student-related issues.
  • Information: Bearfacts website.
  • Contact.

DARS (degree audit reporting system)

  • Who should have access: staff responsible for tracking student (mainly undergraduate) progress toward degrees, reviewing major requirements, etc.
  • Information: DARSweb Information Page.
  • Contact: Dorothy Jones, 643-5242.

CARS (Campus Accounts Receivables System)

  • Who should have access: staff assisting students (primarily grad students) in resolving questions about fee or tuition payments. Information.
  • Classroom Central Hotline: Contact

Classroom Scheduling

GradApp (graduate application database)

  • Who should have access: staff coordinating the graduate application process.
  • Information: Grad Division
  • Contact: Beatriz Galvez, 643-7462.

GradLink (graduate student database)

  • Who should have access: staff assisting graduate students and coordinating department graduate program.
  • Information & access (Grad Division).
  • Contact.

DSAS (Department Student Award System)

  • Who should have access: staff submitting requests for payment of stipends, fee-offsets, or other direct student payments.
  • Information and access
  • Contact.

Facilities/Equipment Systems

BETS (Berkeley Equipment Tracking System)

  • Who should have access: staff responsible for tracking equipment and maintaining inventory records. Information.
  • Contact

IST/ Telecom Shopping Cart (telephone equipment and services ordering)

  • Who should have access: staff responsible for placing orders for telephone service, telephone equipment, network services or for reviewing billing. Website.
  • Access: Department staff can be granted access by departmental access rights administrator. If the department has no rights administrator, contact the Telecom Customer Care Unit here, or call 664-9000 (Options 1, 3, 1).

Facilities Services (Physical Plant – Campus Services online system)

  • There is not an online system for Facilities Services currently.  All requests are submitted by e-mail to or phone (for urgent requests, 642-1032)