Divisions of L&S

Arts & Humanities

The division seeks to inspire students to seek for truth and explore creative ideas about our world and its diverse cultures through courses in literature, arts, languages, and philosophy.

Biological Sciences

The division offers programs that prepares students for careers in fields such as health sciences, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, environmental science, and academia. The courses encompass a breadth of disciplines spanning all levels of organization and of diverse organisms.

Mathematical & Physical Sciences

The division seeks to expand the physical and mathematical understanding of our world and the universe itself — from microscopic substructure to the largest structures in the universe. The division offers courses in preeminent traditional disciplines such as physics, geology, astronomy, mathematics and statistics, as well as exciting new cross-disciplinary fields such as new materials, biophysics and atmospheric science.

Social Sciences

The division offers diverse approaches to understanding the ways in which human beings organize their lives. Courses explore major aspects of human existence, such as economy, politics, society, culture, and population, as well as timely issues such as gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity.

Undergraduate Studies

The division nurtures rich intellectual relationships between faculty and students and helps guide them through their liberal arts education. The dean oversees the following units: Undergraduate Advising, which provides undergraduate students in L&S the support and guidance necessary to succeed in their pursuit of a liberal arts education; Academic Enrichment, which offers a range of research and curricular programs to deepen and broaden students' academic experiences; and Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS), comprising a number of distinct major programs that attract bright, self-motivated students who wish to major in interdisciplinary areas that transcend traditional departmental boundaries.