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The Academic Progress Report (APR) tool is available to College of Letters and Science undergraduate students under the CalCentral My Academics section.

The APR is designed to track progress toward completing degree requirements, including: university, campus, College of Letters & Science, major and minor requirements. Please read this webpage for important information and then review the APR accordingly. A job aid is also available with instructions and support resources.

What is the APR?

The APR tracks progress toward completion of all degree requirements. These requirements include:

University of California Requirements

Entry Level Writing, American History, American Institutions, 120 Minimum Units, Overall GPA, Passed/No Passed Limit, Senior Residence

UC Berkeley Campus Requirement

American Cultures

College of Letters and Science Requirements

Reading and Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, Foreign Language, Seven-Course Breadth, Upper Division Unit requirements

Major and Minor Requirements

These requirements vary by major and minor. The APR is not ready for review of all majors and minors. Please read through for more information.

How to use the APR

The APR tool is in its initial stages of release. At this time, the tool should be used to confirm progress in University of California, UC Berkeley Campus, and College of Letters and Science requirements.

More work is needed in the APR to accurately track completion of Major and Minor requirements. Major requirements for about one third of all L&S undergraduate majors are up-to-date in CalCentral. Major requirements for all other majors are in the process of being reviewed and validated.

Undergradute Major Advisers will provide guidance on how to verify progress in the major. As the college transitions to this new tool, some major advisors may recommend alternative means to the APR. Please do not be alarmed if completion of  major requirements previously confirmed by a major advisor is not reflected in the APR.

How to report errors in the APR

It may be that the APR is missing information, or miscalculating units, particularly for students who were enrolled at UC Berkeley prior to fall 2016. Here is how to report errors:

For University and Campus Requirements

Open a case with Cal Student Central to report on errors having to do with Entry Level Writing, American History, American Institutions, American Cultures, 120 Minimum Units, Overall GPA, Passed/No Passed limit, and Senior Residence.

For College and Letters and Science Requirements

Complete an APR Correction Form available under under 'Other' on the Forms and Petitions wepage to report on errors having to do with Reading and Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, Foreign Language, Seven-Course Breadth, and Upper Division Unit requirements.

For Major Requirements

This process is not complete. Therefore, it is very likely that the APR does not yet accurately track progress in major requirements. Please check in with your major department regarding the best means to confirm completion of major requirements. 

For L&S Minor requirements

Use the Minor Completion form under 'Majors and Minors' on the Forms and Petitions wepage and submit to your minor advisor to confirm completion of minor requirements.

This tool is only available for L&S Undegraduate Students

All L&S undergraduate students, included those pursuing a simultaneous degree in the College of Letters and Science,  may use the APR tool to confirm L&S requirements as noted above. 

The tool is not ready for graduate students in any college, school, or program or undergraduate students enrolled in Haas or a college outside of L&S at this time. Other colleges and schools will be in touch with students as this tool becomes available.

Difficulty with accessing the APR in CalCentral?

For technical assistance with CalCentral, please contact SIS Support by phone at 510-664-9000 (press option 6 to reach SIS support) or by email at