L&S Peer Advising

Peer Advising Hours 2018-2019 

AskLnS Peers is a program designed to provide drop-in advising for students in the College of Letters & Science. Peers offer advising at different locations around campus. In the evenings, you can find them in the residence halls during Fall and Spring semesters. There is no appointment required, so feel free to drop-in any time!

2018-2019 Peer Advisers

Fall 2018 Shifts are Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 7-9pm. Shifts span 9/4/18-11/30/18

Unit 1 (Lobby of the Academic Center): Kinya on Wednesdays

Unit 2 (Lobby of the Academic Center): Asa on Wednesdays

Unit 3 (Academic Center): Kinya & Cristina on Mondays, Isaac on Thursdays

Unit 4/Foothill (Dinning Commons by Cub Market): Sabrina on Mondays (6:45pm-8:45pm)

Max Martinez Main Lobby: Amber on Mondays

Clark Kerr (Academic Center): Rachel on Thursdays