L&S Deadline Dates

Many calendars and deadlines govern university life, such as the Office of the Registrar's Academic Calendar. Mark these L&S dates as part of your student responsibility to know deadlines.  You can also review Events & Programs for workshop information. 

Spring 2020

January 31st: 2nd Week

Deadline to drop Early Drop Deadline (EDD) courses. Deadline for all students to drop classes without a fee.

February 12th: 4th Week 

Deadline to drop non-EDD courses. Deadline for undergrads to add/drop or swap/change units for classes. 

Deadline to add all classes

April 3rd: 10th Week 

Deadline to change grading option from letter grade to P/NP or from P/NP to letter grade.

May 1st: Last day of classes

Deadline to submit Late Change of Class Schedule. L&S students will be allowed up to two late action requests for add, drop, variable unit change, or grade option change in the same semester one time during their Berkeley career. For late change forms, visit our Forms & Petitions page. 

May 8th: Last day of RRR week

Deadline to withdraw from Spring term

May 15th: Last day of the semester

Deadline to complete incomplete grades required for graduation.