Events & Programs

Events & Programs 

Major Exploration

Seven Steps to Choose a Major

For a self-directed approach that allows you to take action now, this one-hour workshop is well worth your time. You'll leave with an individualized action plan that will help you strategically research and test out potential majors that match your interests, strengths, and goals.

-NEW- Major Decisions: Finding the Major that’s Right for You

For an interactive approach that focuses on mentorship, this is the workshop for you. Not sure how to narrow down your choices of major? Feeling the pressure to choose? Come learn about ways to explore your interests, skills, and career goals and how they relate to possible majors. This workshop is a part of the L&S Mentors Program.

-NEW- From Cal to Career: Test-Driving Majors on the Road to a Career

How can you tell if a major or occupation is a great fit? Come learn how to engage in on- and off-campus experiences such as internships, externships, and volunteering that will help you determine if your career choices are right for you. This workshop is a part of the L&S Mentors Program.

Academic Success

Four Steps to Success

The “I wish I’d known this earlier!” workshop! Looking at your degree like a big checklist? Feeling anxious about whether your major will lead to a successful career? Think your transcript only reflects your academic ability? This workshop tackles common myths about college and career and gets you set on a path to prioritize the right things at Cal. (Designed for new students, but all students welcome!)

Reach for Success Workshops

This workshop provides students with a better understanding of how to improve their academic skills, overcome academic challenges, and clear academic probation. This is a great opportunity for any student hoping to boost their GPA. Students who have experienced academic challenges and are on academic probation are particularly encouraged to attend. Typically offered at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.

-NEW- Everything’s Due at the Same Time: Manage Your Time to Get it All Done

Are you overwhelmed by school deadlines? Do you feel like you never have enough time? Learn how to plan a weekly schedule, keep track of big semester deadlines, and manage your time for a better school/life balance! This workshop is a part of the L&S Mentors Program.

-NEW- How to Improve my GPA: Study Smarter, Not Harder

Do you study hard, but still aren’t getting the results you expect? It may be that your high school study strategies aren’t suited for college. Learn how to maximize academic performance using evidence-based metacognitive strategies, reinforcement techniques, and test-taking methods. This workshop is a part of the L&S Mentors Program.

Save Your Semester

This workshop, typically offered toward the middle of the term, helps students learn about grading option changes, incompletes, withdrawals, policies around late drops, and more, as well as helping students understand resources around campus.

Math/Chem Bootcamps (Fall semester only)

During Welcome Week, learn about how math and chemistry are taught at Berkeley and how to set yourself up for success


Premed Advising Drop-in Wednesdays

Every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm-4pm throughout the year, there will be limited premed/pre-health drop-in advising appointments available to students on a first-come, first-served basis at 206 Evans Hall and 156 Dwinelle Hall.

Small Group Premed/Pre-Health Q&A Sessions

Weekly L&S Small Group Premed/Pre-Health Q&A Sessions take place every Wednesday afternoon from 4pm-5pm in Evans 236. These sessions provide a time for students to ask general premed/pre-health questions in a group setting. All students are welcome to attend, but these sessions are particularly geared toward freshmen & sophomore premedical students. Students can come and go as they please from these sessions at any time during the hour.

Live Q&A Sessions

Every Tuesday at 4:15pm on Instagram, our advisers will answer common questions and concerns surrounding a specific topic, all live! Students may ask questions during the event or just listen to advice, tips, and clarification on topics ranging from schedule planning to whether or not to take summer school. If you would like to propose a topic, reach out to us through Instagram: @ucblnsadvising

Additional Offerings

Change of College workshops

Offered once per month, come learn about the criteria and procedures for changing from your current college at UC Berkeley into the College of Letters and Science. (For L&S students interested in changing into a different college at UC Berkeley, please visit the advising office of your intended college.)

Additional information can be found here: Change of College into L&S

-NEW- Graduation

Getting ready to toss that graduation cap? Learn the difference between graduation and commencement, how to move your graduation term, steps to make sure you'll really be done, and more! Whether you're planning to graduate in Spring 2019 or in the next few terms, this workshop is for you.

-NEW- Destress with L&S: Calm at Cal

Stressed about stress? Learn techniques to manage your stress, maintain a healthy school-life balance, and enhance your academic life. This workshop is a part of the L&S Mentors Program.

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