Advising Calendar

Many calendars and deadlines govern university life, such as L&S Deadline Dates.   Our Google calender (right) lists our advising programs which can support academic success at Berkeley.



Change of College workshops
Learn about the criteria and procedures for Change of College into L&S. Workshops begin on time - no late admittance.

Choosing A Major

  • "4 Steps to Success for First-Year Students" workshop aims to help you thrive in the College of L&S, learn about pros and cons of a double major or minor, and learn how to handle being at a large campus.
  • "7 Steps to Choose a Major" workshop gives you the tools to research a major that is the right choice for you, and that make you competitive for your future goals, whether you are planning grad school or a job, or even if you have no idea where you want to go.

Drop-in Advising for Students Registered with Disabled Students Program
Beginning Jan 22 in Spring 2018:  Mondays from 1-3:30pm at the DSP office in Chavez Center. 

Major Madness 

Math/Chem Bootcamps
During Welcome Week, learn about how math and chemistry are taught at Berkeley and how to set yourself up for success.

Premed Advising Drop-in Wednesdays
Every Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm throughout the year, there will be limited premed/pre-health drop-in advising appointments available to students on a first-come, first-served basis at 206 Evans Hall. Note: on Wednesday, July 4th, the office will be closed.  

Small Group Premed/Pre-Health Q&A Sessions
Weekly L&S Small Group Premed/Pre-Health Q&A Sessions take place every Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 5pm in Evans 236. These sessions provide a time for students to ask general premed/pre-health questions in a group setting. All students are welcome to attend, but these sessions are particularly geared toward freshmen and sophomore premedical students. Students can come and go as they please from these sessions at any time during the hour.

If you come in for a Wednesday premed drop-in slot, and there are no more spots available, the Small Group Q&A from 4 to 5pm allows for a different way to access advisers.  These weekly sessions are offered throughout fall and spring semesters.

Probation Workshops

  • Learn how to calculate your grade point average, grade point balance, and deficit.
  • Review current class schedules to determine the grades you need to clear probation.
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve your time management, develop study strategies, and identify useful resources and support services.

Save Your Semester
If you are experiencing academic difficulty, attend a "Save Your Semester" workshop to learn more about College policies and procedures, and how to succeed this term. This workshop is designed to assist you in navigating the policy options and campus resources still available to you at this point in the semester and help you determine your next steps. "Save Your Semester" workshops are open to all L&S undergraduates, not just students on probation.

Schedule Planning workshops

  • At the beginning of each term, we offer small workshops for freshmen, sophomores and undeclared juniors who are looking for tips and strategies to plan their schedule.
  • Learn how to understand your degree progress.

Transfer Students: "4 Steps to Success in L&S"
Find out how to thrive in L&S and make the most of your time as a student here. Meet with an L&S College Adviser to discuss how to succeed at Berkeley.

Advising Calendar