Transfer Coursework

General Guidelines

In many cases, it is possible to satisfy unit or course curriculum requirements with course work from other educational institutions. Be sure to check with the office responsible for the requirement to seek transfer credit approval before enrolling elsewhere. Additional general information on transfer credit is available on the Office of the Registrar website. 

To learn more about transfer credit completed prior to enrollment for the first (admission) semester at Berkeley, review the 'Initial Transfer Credit Review' section below. For more information on pursuing transfer credit after completing course work at Berkeley, see 'Transfer Credit for Continuing Students.' Finally, upon completing a transfer course, the 'After Completion of Transfer Work' section provides instructions on submitting a transcript.

Note: For graduating seniors who are enrolling at another educational institution in their expected graduation term, please review our Graduation page for instructions and deadlines.    

  • For transfer course work from UC Berkeley Extension (XB or XBW courses) and other UC campuses, both units and grade points are posted to the Berkeley transcript. For approved transfer course work from all other instititions, including Extension programs at other UCs, only the unit credit is posted to the Berkeley transcript; grade points are not awarded. 
  • Students will not receive transfer unit credit for a course with comparable content to a Berkeley course that has already been completed with a passing (i.e. D- or higher) grade.
  • Transfer credit cannot be applied to the Senior Residence requirement.
  • Concurrent Enrollment: students who plan to take a course at another institution while enrolled in a regular semester at Berkeley must obtain permission from a L&S Advising for Concurrent Enrollment prior to enrolling in the off-campus course (does not apply to Berkeley Summer Sessions). L&S Concurrent Enrollment at another institution should not be confused with the UC Berkeley Extension Concurrent Enrollment program. The form for Concurrent Enrollment can be found on our Forms & Petitions page.
  • The Office of the Registrar manages Visitor and Exchange Programs such as Cross Registration Agreements, the Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment program and the Simultaneous Enrollment Program. You may direct your questions to the Office of the Registrar.

The remaining information on this webpage addresses use of transfer credit for College of Letters and Science requirements. For university, campus, and major requirements, please review these links:

Initial Transfer Credit Review

All credit-bearing exams (e.g. AP, IB, GCE A-Level) and transfer course-work submitted by freshmen and transfer students prior to their arrival to Berkeley is reviewed by the campus' Central Evaluation Unit as part of the initial transfer credit review. This Initial Transfer Credit review is generally completed by mid-October for students admitted to Berkeley in the fall semester, and mid-February for students admitted to a spring semester.

At that time, all transfer work eligible for unit credit towards the Berkeley degree should be posted to the Transfer Credit Report, and any degree requirements satisfied by exams and California Community College Courses (as published in, will be indicated in the Academic Progress Report. Both of these reports are available in CalCentral My Academics.

Students with transfer course work from a non-California Community College should allow for a few more weeks for the College to review for satisfaction of degree requirements.

After the Initial Transfer Credit review is complete, please direct any questions or concerns about missing transfer work for unit credit and/or the Entry Level Writing, American History and Institutions, and American Cultures requirements to the Central Evaluation Unit by opening a case with Cal Student Central.

Any questions regarding using transfer work to satisfy College requirements should be directed to the college advising, and for your intended major, to the department offering the major program of interest.

Transfer Course Work for Continuing Students

For College of Letters and Science requirements, students who have completed course work at Berkeley may pursue transfer course work at a California Community College, or another accredited higher education institution with the following conditions: 

  • Transfer courses submitted in satisfaction of the Reading and Composition, Foreign Language, or Quantitative Reasoning requirements must be completed with a letter grade and this grade must be indicated on the official transcript issued by the transfer campus.
  • For Seven-Course Breadth, to be eligible for consideration, the minimum unit requirement for a course offered from a campus on the semester system is 3.0 units, and for courses offered from campuses on the quarter system, 4.0 units.
  • Continuing Berkeley students who have satisfied Entry Level Writing may pursue a pre-approved course for Reading & Composition (R&C) at a California Community College  during the summer, or while not enrolled at Berkeley during a fall or spring term. To identify pre-approved courses for R&C Part A or Part B, use ASSIST. Transfer courses must be completed with a C- or higher. 
  • No more than 70 units of lower division coursework may be applied toward the 120-unit graduation requirement. However, it is still possible to fulfill curricular requirements with lower division work in excess of the unit limit. 

Pursuing transfer courses at a California Community College

To search for equivalent courses to the Essential Skills and Seven-Course Breadth requirements, go to ASSIST, select the California Community College of interest, then UC Berkeley, and then ‘General Education' from the 'For General Education/Breadth' menu. 

Pursuing transfer courses at another Higher Education Institution

Students may pursue transfer courses outside of the California Community College system (i.e. at another 2-year or 4-year campus in the U.S. or non-UCEAP courses from abroad*) to satisfy Essential Skills or Seven-Course Breadth.  If the course is not listed in the database of pre-approved courses below, students may request review of a new course by submitting syllabi. Requests for review may be submitted prior to or after completing transfer course work.  It is advisable to seek pre-approval before enrolling elsewhere. As a reminder, requesting permission for Concurrent Enrollment for a transfer course is a separate process from requesting review for breadth (see General Guidelines, above), and having a course approved for breadth does not mean that a student is approved for Concurrent Enrollment.

Pre-approved courses:

Please consult the database of pre-approved domestic courses before submitting a syllabus for review.  A list of pre-approved courses offered by non-US institutions or through independent study abroad programs is not yet available.

 To request a review:

If you are a new admit, please wait until after the initial Transfer Review Process is completed (mid-semester of the first term). If you are a current L&S student, you may request a review of your transfer coursework for Breadth or Essential Skills. To do so, complete the Breadth and Essential Skills Transfer Review Google form, and attach a PDF of the course syllabus.  A course description is not an acceptable substitution for a course syllabus and will not be reviewed. 

All syllabi must be dated within a year of the term a student intends to complete the course. For example, if a student plans to enroll in a transfer course for summer 2018, the syllabus must be dated for that term, or no earlier than summer 2017.

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks to receive a response from the Transfer Credit Review Committee upon receipt of all required information; failure to provide all required information will delay the review of your request.

* UCEAP Course Options for Breadth

UCEAP courses may be evaluated to fulfill Seven-Course Breadth. To request review of prospective courses in advance of enrolling in a program, please click the 'Evaluation of breadth courses' link on the Berkeley Study Abroad college advising page. 

This same link also lists previously approved UCEAP courses by country and program.

After Completion of Transfer Work

Upon completion of the course/s needed, you must order an official transcript from the school you attended (once you verify relevant grades are posted). Be sure transcripts are sent to UC Berkeley in one of the following ways:

1) If the school where you completed your requirement offers electronic transcripts, then choose that option!  Electronic transcripts are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than paper transcripts.  Arrange for the other school/college to send e-transcripts to our Business Operations office:

2) If the school you attend offers only paper-copy official transcripts, have it sent in a sealed official envelope to:

Add Credit: UCB SID# (insert your SID)

16 Sproul Hall, MC 0608

Berkeley, CA 94720-0608

SPRING 2020 REMOTE LEARNING PERIOD: We recommend waiting until after the Shelter in Place order in Berkeley has been lifted to send transcripts via mail.