Start Planning

The Liberal Arts

As an L&S student, you can explore the almost limitless possibilities of a liberal arts education. Dean Steven Botterill discusses the benefits of the liberal arts in this video. You will also be expected to meet high standards of student responsibility essential for success at Berkeley.

After attending orientation, meet an L&S College Adviser who can provide assistance in forming a program plan that will help you get the most out of your education.

A Balanced Schedule

Finding balance starts with setting realistic goals for yourself. We usually suggest a load of 13 (minimum) to 15 units in the first term. Technical and/or quantitative courses often require considerable attention.  If you plan to take science, math, statistics or computer science classes, we recommend enrolling in no more that two of them during your first semester.  This allows you to get adjusted to the pace of Berkeley work.  Review Paige's "Balanced Meal" approach video. Note: Financial Aid and/or scholarships may have different unit requirements.

Your Schedule

It's about more than just choosing and scheduling courses.  It's about learning who you are right now, and how you can plan your time at Berkeley to get the education that will help you meet your goals.

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