Transfers at Berkeley

Transfer students come to Berkeley well-prepared for what lies ahead. They understand the importance of time management, planning, communicating with professors, and effective study strategies. However, even with such excellent preparation, Berkeley does have a few surprising differences in store for new transfer students.

Your Transfer First Steps

  1. If you have already decided on a major, you are welcome to contact an undergradute major adviser (UMA). Bring your transcripts and discuss your academic plans one-on-one. Transfers are expected to declare a major in the first semester. 
  2. Some majors have application deadlines, GPA restrictions, and must be declared at the conclusion of your first semester. You may be denied admission into a competitive major, so you need to plan for an alternate major.
  3. You have at least two advisers: an undergraduate major adviser (UMA) to plan your major, and a College Adviser to plan general requirements. Visit them regularly to stay on track toward graduation.
  4. Review L&S Degree Requirements.
  5. Review the College of Letters & Science Video Overview.
  6. Find class descriptions in the Berkeley Academic Guide, and create schedules in CalCentral.
  7. Meet with College and major advisers to check your academic progress. 
  8. Ensure you sent all transcripts to Berkeley and review Transfer Credit if you plan additional work outside of Berkeley.

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UCB L&S On Transfers Declaring Majors