Four Year Planner

Freshman Year - 0 to 29 units

  • Complete Golden Bear Advising.
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources and L&S advising resources.
  • Explore possible majors – Use the Berkeley Academic Guide to learn about various majors, identify prerequisite courses, and review course descriptions. Visit department websites and your potential undergraduate major adviser (UMA).
  • Review degree requirements and create four-year plan.
  • Consult on your program plan with an AskLnS Peer Adviser if you live in the residence halls, or a College Adviser.
  • Meet with advisers to check your academic progress.
  • Visit the Career Counseling Library to take assessments that may help identify a major/career path that would be a good fit.
  • Join Handshake to learn about internships, summer jobs, graduate school and career preparation.

Sophomore Year - 30 to 59 units

  • Plan to declare a major by the end of your fourth semester.
  • Prepare for an alternative major, in case you do not meet declaration requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment with a College Adviser to discuss degree progress.
  • Meet with advisers to check your academic progress and update your plan.

Junior Year - 60 to 89 units

  • If undeclared, meet with a College Adviser to discuss your plans for declaring a major before reaching 75 units.
  • Meet with advisers regularly to check your academic progress.
  • Check your plan for major requirements with your undergraduate major adviser (UMA); and your degree requirements with an College Adviser.
  • Visit the Career Center and consider enrichment experiences (such as study abroad, externships, internships or research).

Senior Year - 90 and over

  • Meet with your UMA and a College Adviser to confirm you have completed all degree requirements.
  • Put yourself on the degree list through CalCentral or by petition in 206 Evans for the semester you intend to finish your degree.
  • Meet with a Career Center counselor to discuss graduate school, employment, or preparation for both.

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