Archived Seven Course Breadth

Past Seven-Course Breadth Master Lists

By Breadth Area Prior to Fall 2016

Discontinued Blanket Approval for Breadth

Prior to spring 2017 the following departments had blanket approval for most of their courses for the breadth areas noted below.

Beginning in spring 2017, these departments  NO LONGER have blanket approval. Be sure to review the Berkeley Academic Guide Class Schedule to confirm approved course options.

Arts and LiteratureArt Practice, History of Art, Comparative Literature, English, Film, and Theatre and Dance Performance Studies

Biological ScienceIntegrative Biology and Molecular and Cell Biology

Historical StudiesHistory of Art, and History

Philosophy and ValuesPhilosophy

Physical ScienceAstronomy, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science, and Physics

Social and Behavioral SciencesDevelopment Studies, Economics, Environmental Economics and Policy, History, Legal Studies, Linguistics, Media Studies, Political Economy, Political Science, Social Welfare, and Sociology