Passed/Not Passed Grades

The Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) grading option was designed to encourage students to explore new academic areas or take challenging, far-ranging courses without undue concern about grades. Passed grades require a level of performance at least equal to a letter grade of C-. Neither P nor NP grades affect the UC grade point average. 

Guidelines for Passed/Not Passed Grades

  • To change a grading option during the enrollment period, use CalCentral before the end of the tenth week of the term.
  • Passed grades may account for no more than one third of the total units required to reach the 120 overall unit minimum. This includes units completed at UC Berkeley, Fall Program for Freshmen, UCEAP or UCDC. Units transferred from outside of the UC system, from other UC campuses, or from UC Berkeley Extension (including XB units), as well as units from credit-bearing exams, do not count toward the Passed Grade Limit. To plan for satisfaction of this requirement by your graduation term, a ⅓ Passed (P) Grade Limit Estimator tool is available in Cal Central in My Academics under 'Degree Progress'.
  • For the following requirements, letter grades are required, and the P/NP option is not appropriate: Entry Level Writing, Reading & Composition, Foreign Language, Quantitative Reasoning, and most major requirements (check with department for possible exceptions).
  • Courses taken to fulfill the American Cultures requirement and the L&S Seven-Course Breadth requirement may be taken P/NP.
  • A student who receives all incomplete grades, takes all courses on a passed/not passed basis, earns all IPs, or a combination of passed/not passed, incomplete, NR and IP grades will fail to achieve a sufficient GPA and will be placed on probation. Even if the student earns all passes, since no grade points are earned, the student will have a 0.0 GPA and will be placed on probation.
  • Courses previously taken on a letter-graded basis may not be repeated on a P/NP basis.
  • Passed units cannot be applied toward the minimum 13 letter-graded units required for the L&S Dean’s Honors List each semester.

Note: The Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) converts NP grades to F's and calculates them into the GPA as a zero. LSDAS does not count P grades in the GPA.

UCB L&S Passed/Not Passed Grading Option