Students who do not meet the terms of academic probation may be dismissed from the College. This is not necessarily the end of a student's academic career at UC Berkeley. Many strong students have been dismissed and have been able to return and graduate from Berkeley. In order to resume studies at Berkeley, students will need to be readmitted by the Deans' Conference.

Please note: For students who are not dismissed by the College of Letters & Science, there is a separate readmission process. Please review Applying for Readmission After An Absence

Applying for Readmission After Dismissal

You should meet with a College Adviser to discuss terms to apply for readmission and a program plan for your request. General guidelines include:

  • Full time enrollment (at least 12 units) elsewhere for two semesters or three quarters. The program should consist of solid academic courses that will fulfill college requirements and major prerequisites. Most students attend a California community college, although UC Berkeley Extension is another option. (Note: Cross Enrollment programs to UC Berkeley will not meet the terms to apply for readmission.) Earn grades of B or better in each of the courses taken after dismissal.
  • Satisfy the Reading and Composition requirement while away. 

Once you have completed your first term elsewhere, you should make an appointment with a College Adviser to prepare for an appointment with an Assistant Dean.  At that meeting, you will need to report your grades from your first term and for classes you are currently enrolled in. The Assistant Dean will ask you to describe the challenges that led to your academic difficulties and explain how you are resolving them. The Assistant Dean will determine if your case is ready to be submitted to the Deans' Conference, which is the committee that will make the final decision on your readmission. If you have applied to the Deans' Conference twice, you must receive support from a College Adviser to forward your case for committee review.

Submitting Your Request

Students must review and submit the Deans' Conference Checklist to complete their packet. Deadlines for submitting packets are June 1 for fall readmission and November 1 for spring.

In order to be on time for your Phase I registration appointment, it is strongly recommended to submit your request well before the deadlines. Review the Office of the Registrar’s website for information about Phase I and Phase II enrollment periods: registrar.berkeley.edu/registration/enrollment.

During the readmission season (October-December, May-July) requests will be reviewed on a first-come first-served basis. Otherwise, submissions must be received the Friday before a meeting.

Students do not attend the Deans' Conference meeting.

Students need to bring their documents to the appointment with the Assistant Dean. If the Assistant Dean appointment is scheduled after the June 1 or November 1 deadline, students should submit their packet to 206 Evans Hall, addressed to the Deans' Conference, by the readmission deadline.

Requesting Grade Points

Dismissed students may request to have their UC Berkeley Summer Sessions and UC Berkeley Extension XB and WXB courses included in their UC GPA by having grade points approved. To request grade point approval for UC Berkeley Summer Sessions, students should meet with a College Adviser. To request grade point approval for UC Berkeley Extension, students should meet with an Assistant Dean.

Applying for Readmission After Dismissal for Graduation Purposes Only

It is possible to graduate while on dismissal status, but only if all remaining degree requirements can be fulfilled without further course work at Berkeley in a fall or spring semester. In this case, the readmission request is only for the purpose of reinstating current student status in order to graduate. Outstanding requirements may be completed with courses from a community college, UC Berkeley Summer Sessions, or UC Extension XB or XBW courses. Senior residence cannot be met through UC Extension.​

If you wish to pursue this type of request, meet with a College Adviser and your undergraduate major adviser (UMA) to check your academic progress to make sure that remaining requirements can be completed outside of fall or spring enrollment at Berkeley. If you have completed all requirements or are enrolled in your final courses, you are ready to submit your request.

Submitting Your Request for Graduation Only

  • Make sure that your Expected Graduation Term (EGT) is current. Check the Graduation webpage for deadlines to add to the degree list.  
  • Write a letter addressed to Deans' Conference requesting approval for readmission for graduation purposes only.
  • Submit transcripts as soon as final grades are posted to Add Credit Degree Candidate: UCB SID# (insert your SID), 16 Sproul Hall, MC 0608, Berkeley, CA 94720-0608.

If you plan to enroll in UC Berkeley Extension or Berkeley Summer Sessions while you are in dismissal status, please review the section above on "Requesting Grade Points."