Newly Admitted Freshmen and Transfers


If you are a newly admitted freshman, and need to postpone your enrollment at Berkeley, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss deferral.

Freshmen & Transfers

Important Note for New Students: If you submit a withdrawal request prior to the first day of instruction of your first semester, it will be processed as a cancellation of your registration, which will result in the cancellation of your admission to Berkeley.

In order to avoid cancellation of admission, students must register by paying at least the first fee installment and enrolling in at least one class. Once registered, you are eligible to withdraw on or after the first day of instruction.  Read Cal Student Central's withdrawal information.  

Continuing Students

Cancellation Vs. Withdrawal

Cancellation: Prior to the Start of Instruction

If you decide to discontinue your studies for an upcoming semester, no action is required other than to cancel your registration for the upcoming term via CalCentral before instruction begins.  

If you did not enroll in any classes for the semester you wish to cancel, the cancellation will occur automatically.  

If you are enrolled or waitlisted in classes and decide to cancel that enrollment (including waitlisted classes), you must submit a Withdrawal Request form on CalCentral before instruction begins. 

Withdrawal: After the Start of Instruction

Please note: Withdrawal means dropping all of your classes. Withdrawal will simultaneously eliminate any enrollment in the subsequent semester. 

If you need to terminate your studies during a fall or spring semester (i.e. after instruction begins), please review Cal Student Central's withdrawal information. You also are expected to meet with a College Adviser to review your plan to withdraw. Failure to file for withdrawal will result in the assignment of F or NP grades in all courses for the semester.  

After any break in enrollment in a regular semester, you will need to apply for Readmission in preparation for return. If you plan to attend another institution while you are away, be sure to connect to a College Adviser about how it will affect your overall academic plan.

If you withdraw from a Fall or Spring term, your registration for all subsequent Fall and Spring terms is cancelled. In order to come back to Berkeley after a Withdrawal, withdrawn students need to apply for Readmission.

Contact Berkeley Summer Sessions with questions about procedures for withdrawal from Summer Sessions.

Guidelines for Withdrawal

  • Although it is possible to withdraw at any point in the semester, you must do so by the end of service hours on the Friday of RRR week, which is the last day of instruction.
  • The withdrawal date will appear on the transcript, and all courses for the term will be removed. The reason for withdrawal is confidential and does not appear on the transcript.
  • Fee reductions for withdrawal are prorated on a sliding scale.
  • If you are a financial aid recipient, withdrawal may require you to pay back financial aid that has been previously processed in the term. We strongly advise financial aid recipients to contact Cal Student Central to discuss the possible impact on financial aid prior making a decision about withdrawing.

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