Guidelines for Applying for Readmission After an Absence

To resume your studies in the College of Letters & Science (L&S) after withdrawing or after being absent for one or more semesters, you must submit an Application for Readmission. The College does not allow students to earn a second Bachelor's degree.

Note: The readmission deadline for fall semesters is June 1st and November 1st for spring semesters.  Students can mail their applications if they are out of the area.  We will accept envelopes postmarked with June 1 or earlier for fall and November 1 or earlier for spring.

Note: For students who have been dismissed by the College, there are separate readmission processes. For more information about those processes, review:


  • I have checked my record and cleared all registration holds. e.g., financial, medical, library, student conduct, and academic holds.

IMPORTANT: All holds must be cleared by the readmission deadline (June 1 for Fall, Nov. 1 for Spring) in order to be approved for readmission

  • If I attended other institutions during my absence, I have sent an official transcript from each college to UC Berkeley. 

If the school where you completed your courses offers electronic transcripts, please choose that option. Electronic transcripts are faster, cheaper, and more reliable than paper transcripts. Arrange for the other school/college to send e-transcripts to our Business Operations Office:

If the school you attended offers only paper-copy official transcripts, have it sent in a sealed official envelope to:

Add Credit: UCB SID# (insert your SID)

16 Sproul Hall, MC 0608

Berkeley, CA 94720-0608

Transcripts may also be submitted in person to Cal Student Central on the first floor of Sproul Hall. Be sure not to open the envelope! Unsealed transcripts will not be accepted.  

  • If I plan to return after a dismissal, I have reviewed the Dismissal page and the Deans' Conference Checklist that can be found there.
  • If I am seeking readmission after a Medical Withdrawal
    • If I was approved by University Health Services (UHS/The Tang Center) for a medical withdrawal, I understand that readmission is a two-step process.
      1. UHS must review medical documentation at the time I seek to return to the university to determine sufficient stability and readiness to resume academic studies.
      2. I must submit the readmission application to the College of Letters & Science in order to be approved for readmission.
  • I have met with an L&S College Adviser if:
    • I left Berkeley on academic probation.
    • I have withdrawn from a fall or spring semester at the University three or more times.
    • I have 12 or more units of outstanding incomplete grades on my transcript.
    • I have been dismissed from the University. If you were dismissed see information above.
    • I have not attended UC Berkeley within the last 5 years.
    • If I intend to receive financial aid, I have consulted with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office before starting the readmission process.


          • Fall Semester: June 1st 
(for Fall 2019, the deadline will be June 3rd, as the 1st falls on a weekend)
            i.e. June 1st 2018 for Fall 2018 readmission
          • Spring Semester: November 1st
i.e. November 1st 2018 for Spring 2019 readmission
          • Applications will not be accepted after the above deadlines. We advise you to submit the application packet in February for Fall readmission or September for Spring readmission. Applications are processed no earlier than the beginning of the semester prior to the semester for which you plan to readmit.
          • Students will be notified of their application status via email 5-10 business days after applications are received by L&S Undergraduate Advising. If you believe you should have already received this notification but have not yet gotten an email, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Application Packet

1. The Undergraduate Application for Readmission,

  • It is not necessary to obtain the Dean's signature prior to submitting the application for readmission. The Dean's signature is obtained on your behalf after the College reviews and approves your application.

2. $70 check made out to the UC Regents (the non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee for this application).

  • The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) offers a completee fee waiver for the $70 readmission application fee for eligible students. For more information, please visit 119 Chavez or call EOP at 510-642-7224.

Upon readmission, you will be required to submit an online Statement of Legal Residence through; look for the Statement of Legal Residence item on your CalCentral task list after the Office of the Registrar processes your readmission. 

Applications are accepted in hard copy only, not by fax or email. Submit in person at 206 Evans Hall or 156 Dwinelle Hall or mail the application to:

College of Letters & Science
Office of Undergraduate Advising
206 Evans Hall #2924
Berkeley, CA 94720-2924