Undergraduate Advising Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Letters & Science Office of Undergraduate Advising is to:

  • Encourage intellectual curiosity, and stimulate academic and career exploration,
  • Promote the benefits and value of a liberal arts education,
  • Foster student development and success, and
  • Promote timely progress towards graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students understand College degree requirements in the context of a liberal arts education.  
  • Students create personalized academic plans based on their assessment of abilities, interests, goals, and enrichment opportunities.
  • Students explore and self-assess to identify a major and course of study.
  • Students are aware of and utilize campus resources, and engage with faculty and advisers.
  • Students explore and pursue enrichment opportunities.
  • Students identify and utilize personal strengths to navigate challenges.
  • Students learn that setbacks provide the potential for both academic and personal growth.
  • Students reflect on their interests and experiences in preparation for creating a post-graduation plan.
  • Students assume responsibility for abiding by policies and procedures.