About Undergraduate Advising Services

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Connect with a College Adviser

Please Note: The Cal Central Appointment System is not currently in use by the College of L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Students are welcome to meet any College Adviser, not just your "assigned" College Adviser.  Appointment types are:

  • In-person (drop-in/same-day and pre-scheduled).
  • Phone (pre-scheduled only).  Students are expected to initiate the phone call.
  • Online Video (pre-scheduled only). Students must provide a user name ahead of appointment time if using Skype. Alternately, Google Meet links will be given to student before appointment.

All pre-scheduled appointments start at the scheduled time.  Your appointment will be cancelled if you do not check in/call within 10 minutes after start time. 

For advising ​on specific ​L&S majors and to declare, review the major department website and meet with an undergraduate major adviser (UMA) in your major of interest​.

Drop-In/Same Day Advising in Evans Hall, Same-Day at Dwinelle Hall

1. All students may sign up for a drop-in appointment by coming in person to 206 Evans Hall. Students will be seen on a first-come first-served basis.

You can sign up for a drop-in appointment weekedays beginning at 9am and then again at 1pm.

2. Frosh and sophomores can make a same-day appointment in 156 Dwinelle Hall by visiting the office in person.

Pre-Scheduled Appointments

For program planning or help choosing your major, more complex issues, or if you have a personal situation affecting your academic performance, make a 30-minute pre-scheduled appointment. Plan ahead! Waiting time for advising appointments can be up to one week during busy times like the start of the semester or during enrollment periods. To schedule an appointment at 206 Evans Hall, visit 206 Evans Hall or call (510) 642-1483 during phone hours.


Appointments cannot be arranged via email, but for quick questions or inquiries about L&S policies or requirements, e-mail AskLnS@berkeley.edu.  A Peer Adviser will answer your question, usually within 72 hours. If you have multiple questions or if your question requires access to your student file, please plan to meet with a College Adviser. Questions about class schedule planning, making appointments, and other complex issues cannot be handled via e-mail. Per Privacy of Student Records (FERPA), student record information will not be sent via email.

Peer Advising

L&S Peer Advisers are current students who are trained to answer quick questions about L&S requirements, policies, and procedures. Peer Advisers are available for drop-in advising in each of the residence halls from weeks 4-10 in Fall and Spring semesters. Peer Advisers' schedule can be found on AskLnSPeers

Phone Assistance

To make an appointment, to get general information, or to ask a quick question, call (510) 642-1483. In-depth advising or questions requiring the student’s file cannot be handled on the phone.  Phone hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm; Friday 10am to 4pm (closed during noon hour).

Contact Us

College of Letters & Science 

Office of Undergraduate Advising
UC Berkeley
206 Evans Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2924

Phone:  (510) 642-1483 
Fax: (510) 642-2372

Main Phone Hours

Monday through Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday: 10
Closed 12-1pm weekdays

Frosh & Sophomore Satellite Office
156 Dwinelle Hall