Tips for Academic Success

  • Know the specific deadlines for adjusting and finalizing your schedule. Plan your semester accordingly.
  • Prioritize and organize your study and personal time into effective daily and weekly patterns.
  • Keep regular study hours and find the right kind of study environment for you.
  • Maintain a personal academic calendar to keep track of exam dates and deadlines for assignments. Plan and prepare for exams and papers in advance.
  • Engage fully in your courses. Attend all lectures, seek out your instructors, take advantage of office hours, and ask questions.
  • Review comments and grades you receive on exams and papers. If you have questions, discuss them with your instructors or GSIs.
  • Create your own resource network. Make a list of phone numbers and email addresses of faculty, GSIs, advisers, tutors and at least one other student from each class.
  • Find at least one mentor each semester (a faculty member, GSI, staff member, or experienced peer) to help you establish, nurture, and execute your plan for success.

Take good care of yourself in every aspect of your life!