Council of Undergraduate Deans

The Council of Undergraduate Deans is an advisory group to the executive vice chancellor and provost, chaired by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. The council plays a central planning role for undergraduate education, with particular attention to issues and policies that cut across the colleges and professional schools. This group consists of the most senior administrator in charge of undergraduate programs in each of the five colleges and in those professional schools that have at least one undergraduate program.

Committee Convener

Bob Jacobsen, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
College of Letters and Science

Committee Members

College of Chemistry »
John Arnold, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Tel.: (510) 642-8961

Haas School of Business »
Erika Walker, Executive Director, Undergraduate Programs
Tel.: (510) 643-1470
College of Engineering »
Lisa Pruitt,  Associate Dean for Students

International and Area Studies Teaching Programs
Alan Karras, Associate Director
Tel.: (510) 643-5472
Greig Crysler, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Tel.: (510) 642-5828

Jonathan Marshall, director of Legal Studies
Tel.: (510) 642-3670

College of Letters and Science » 
Bob Jacobsen, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
School of Social Welfare »
Jill Berrick, chair, Undergraduate Program
Tel.: (510) 643-7016
Rausser College of Natural Resources »
Lynn Huntsinger, Associate Dean of Rausser College
Tel.: (510) 642-0542
Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
Cathy Koshland
Tel.: (510) 643-4193


Khia Brunelle
L&S Undergraduate Studies