Improving Your Chances for Admission

  • Contact professors with whom you'd like to work. Show that you have knowledge of their work, and express your own interest along those lines.

  • Contact the graduate diversity coordinator. Introduce yourself by giving a personal and academic account of who you are and why you'd like to pursue graduate school.

Arts & Humanities: Alberto Ledesma

Biological Sciences: Audrey Knowlton

Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Ira Young

Social Sciences: Ira Young

  • Go to your letter-writers and provide a well-organized packet of information. Provide a deadline at least a week in advance of the due date. As a courtesy, give them at least a month to write. In the information packet, provide a short statement on how you've prepared yourself for graduate school as well as what you plan to pursue in graduate school. Be specific.

  • Squeeze out blocks of uninterrupted time when you can devote yourself to the application process.

  • Never leave things for the last minute.