Alphabetical List of L&S Deans' Office Staff

Below is contact information for the staff in the Deans’ Office of the College of Letters & Science, which consists of the divisions of Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences, plus the College Relations Office. Read Undergraduate Studies and L&S Computing Resources for information about staff in those units.

The area code is 510 for all numbers listed.

Ackerly, David Associate Dean, Biological Sciences 664-7868
Adams, Dolores Annual Fund and Marketing Manager 642-3410
Albe, Monica External Relations Specialist 642-1355
Auffhammer, Maximillian Associate Dean, Social Sciences 643-5472
Boles, Rebecca Interim Executive Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Humanities and to the Dean of Math and Physical Sciences 642-5397
Borrowman, Lee Budget Officer, Biological Sciences 642-5196
Botchan, Michael Dean of Biological Sciences 642-5716
Boyd, Nicole Financial Analyst 642-3176
Brooks, Mandy Development Director, Development and College Relations 642-9722
Cascardi, Anthony Dean of Arts & Humanities 642-5396
Cernok, Nicole Budget Officer, Social Sciences 642-7614
Cherniss, Jennifer Gift and Fund Manager, Development and College Relations 642-1307
Christen, Jane Executive Assistant to the Dean of Social Sciences 642-5717
Christman, Carroll Assistant Dean of Development, Arts & Humanities 642-9696
Dawn, Ashley Executive Assistant to the Dean of Biological Sciences 643-0615
Dear, Nick Human Resources Manager 643-2695
Ford, Rochelle Director of Academic Administration, Arts & Humanities 643-9675
Gillooly, Natasha Financial Services Analyst 642-4037
Gokarn, Vinaya Director of Academic Administration, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 643-1212
Gordon, Christian Assistant Dean of Development, Social Sciences 666-2725
Harland, Richard Senior Associate Dean, Biological Sciences 643-6003
Hellman, Frances Dean of Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-5872
Hesse, Carla Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science
Dean of Social Sciences 642-5195
Hines, Penny Interim Director of Academic Administration, Biological Sciences 642-6321
Hjelm, Maria Assistant Dean of Development, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-5979
Ireland, Terrence Chief Financial Officer, College of Letters & Science 642-1864
Jacobsen, Robert Dean of Undergraduate Studies 642-1483
Knight, Hanna Director of Academic Administration, Biological Sciences 664-5121
Knowlton, Audrey Graduate Outreach Coordinator, Biological Sciences 642-5113
Knowlton, Jessica Director of Academic Administration, Social Sciences 642-1108
Kurtz, Gail Stewardship Manager, Development and College Relations 642-3397
Lane, Tomás Major Gifts Assistant (UGS/External Relations) 642-3070
Latimer, Rachelle Development Director, Development and College Relations 642-3384
Ledesma, Alberto Graduate Diversity Director, Arts & Humanities 642-5575
Lindberg, Nadean Assistant Dean of Development, Undergraduate Studies 664-7693
Martinez, Javier Academic Personnel Manager 664-4947
Mathers, Zulfat Financial Analyst 664-9997
McKee, John Dean of Development & College Relations 643-6134
McKenney, Ingrid Senior Director of External Relations, Development and College Relations 642-2466
Mendoza-Denton, Rodolfo Executive Associate Dean of Diversity, College of Letters & Science 642-5293
Nieters, Wanda Budget Officer, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-3401
Patt, Colette Director, Science Diversity Programs 642-0794
Parish, Susan Events Manager, Development and College Relations 642-3353
Penhoet, Edward Associate Dean for Strategic Planning, Biological Sciences 642-7227
Petersen, Trond Executive Associate Dean, Social Sciences 642-6423
Reed, Deborah Data Reporting Analyst, Development and College Relations 664-4946
Requejo, Santiago Major Gifts Assistant (AH/SS) 666-3696
Robinson, Amy Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration 642-3331
Rugg, Linda Associate Dean, Arts & Humanities 643-1362
Sabolch, Elana Program Assistant 642-0919
Silva, Alana Academic Personnel Manager
Swan, Kirsten Assistant Dean of Development, Biological Sciences 643-2228
VandenBerghe, Melanie Major Gifts Assistant (BSD/MPS) 643-1178
Weidman, Anna Budget Officer, Arts & Humanities 642-2177
Young, Ira Graduate Diversity Director, Mathematical & Physical Sciences; Social Sciences 642-5777