Alphabetical List of L&S Deans' Office Staff

Below is contact information for the staff in the Deans’ Office of the College of Letters & Science, which consists of the divisions of Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences, plus the College Relations Office. Read Undergraduate Studies and L&S Computing Resources for information about staff in those units.

The area code is 510 for all numbers listed.

Adams, Jeannie Executive Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Arriola, Leonardo Associate Dean, Social Sciences
Auffhammer, Maximillian Associate Dean, Social Sciences, SHARE Regional Associate Dean 643-5472
Baylis, Ashlee Divisional Program Associate, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 642-5872
Botchan, Michael Dean of Biological Sciences 642-5716
Booth, Karen Director of Development, Arts & Humanities 829-2681
Broughton, Janet Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science 642-5195
Cascardi, Anthony Dean of Arts & Humanities 642-5396
Caspi, Hagit Assistant Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations 664-4047
Davenport, Jeffrey Carpenter 643-3983
Dear, Nick Human Resources Director 643-2695
Delaney, Jean Director of Administration, Undergraduate Studies
Donegan, Kathleen Associate Dean, Arts & Humanities 
Essiounina, Anya Director of Development, Social Sciences 642-9722
Ford,  Rochelle Assistant Dean for Academic Administration, Arts & Humanities 643-9675
Gillooly, Natasha Financial Analyst 642-4037
Gokarn, Vinaya Director of Academic Administration, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 643-1212
Gordon, Christian Assistant Dean of Development, Social Sciences 666-2725
Griffin Strauss, Holli Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, Social Science 642-7614
Guasco, Ryan Associate Director of Development, Social Sciences 599-8698
Hansen, Karin Applications Programmer
Harland, Richard Senior Associate Dean, Biological Sciences 643-6003
Heald, Rebecca BEST Regional Associate Dean 643-5493
Hellman, Frances Dean of Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-5872
Hjelm, Maria Assistant Dean of Development, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-5979
Jacobsen, Bob Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Joseph, Brian Director of Facilities 643-9934
Kaufer, Daniela Associate Dean, Biological Sciences 
Kelley, Debbie Major Gifts Assistant, Arts & Humanities/Social Sciences 666-3696
Knight, Hanna Director of Academic Administration, Biological Sciences 664-5121
Knowlton, Audrey Graduate Outreach Coordinator, Biological Sciences 642-5113
Knowlton, Jessica Director of Academic Administration, Social Sciences 642-1108
Ledesma, Alberto Graduate Diversity Director, Arts & Humanities 642-5575
Lehto, Erik Associate Director of Development, Social Sciences 609-5335
Leonardo, Kris Financial Analyst  642-3176
Mares, Serina Facilities Project Manager 697-6495
Martinez, Javier Academic Personnel Manager 664-4947
Mathers, Zulfat Financial Analyst 664-9997
McClellan, Michelle Associate Vice Chancellor for Constituent Programs, UDAR 642-3162
McCulloch, Tara Associate Director of Development, Social Sciences 643-6134
Mejia, Ruben Facilities Manager

MIlls, Kalford Assistant Director of HR
Mosher, Jason Carpenter
Much, Richard Carpenter 643-9934
Nieters, Wanda Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-3401
Oda, Trevor Assistant Facilities Manager 772-8029
Ortega, Edgar Interim LSIT Director 
Patt, Colette Director, Science Diversity Programs 642-0794
Penhoet, Edward Associate Dean for Strategic Planning, Biological Sciences 642-7227
Perez-Robles, Michelle Divisional Program Associate
Petersen, Trond Executive Associate Dean, Social Sciences 642-6423
Quan, Michael Information Systems Analyst 207-6561
Ray, Raka Dean of Social Sciences 642-5195
Robinson, Amy Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration 642-3331
Rojas, Jessica Academic Personnel Manager 642-1864
Schiff, Hunter Major Gifts Assistant, Biological Sciences/Mathematical & Physical Sciences 643-1178
Schneider, Tim Associate Director of Development, Biological Sciences/Mathematical & Physical Sciences 609-5594
Schwartz, Alix Director of Academic Planning
Shussett, Randi Executive Assistant, Social Sciences 642-5195
Susskind, Andrew

Executive Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Humanities 642-5396
Stark, Philip Associate Dean, Mathematical & Physical Sciences  394-5077
Swan, Kirsten Assistant Dean of Development, Biological Sciences 643-2228
VandenBerghe, Melanie External Relations Specialist, Biological Sciences/Mathematical & Physical Sciences 642-1355
Viveier, Annie Academic Personnel Manager 664-7966
Wagner, Heidi Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, Biological Sciences 642-5196
Weidman, Anna Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, Arts & Humanities 642-2177
Wilkins, Andre Associate Director of Development, Arts & Humanities 621-9572 
Wong, Hertha Sweet Associate Dean, Arts & Humanities 
Young, Ira Graduate Diversity Director, SEED Scholars 642-5777