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Key anti-apartheid figures share hard lessons of reconciliation at University event Monday

Anthropology Professor Nancy Sheper-Hughes reflects on her experiences in apartheid South Africa in advance of an April 28 symposium dedicated to Mandela and issues of reconciliation. The event begins at 2 p.m. in Chevron Auditorium at I-House, followed by a 6 p.m. reception.

Carla Hesse named executive dean for L&S

In July, Carla Hesse, dean of the Division of Social Sciences, will succeed Mark Richards, who has served as executive dean for the College since 2006. Hesse is an expert in modern European history, including its social and cultural aspects, with a specialty in modern European women’s history. 

Integrative biologists first to map hummingbirds' 22 million-year-old family tree

A decade-long study, led by Associate Professor of Integrative Biology Jim McGuire, is the first to map the evolution of hummingbirds. The rapid and ongoing diversification of the hummingbird also has contributed to shaping the environments in which they thrive.

Is Canada's past immigration success waning?

Irene Bloemraad questions whether Canada's stand on immigration is heading in a misguided direction. In an Op-Ed for the Ottawa Citizen, Bloemraad, the Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies, points out why longstanding policy has worked and what's at stake if lawmakers make radical changes.

Major in philosophy, the 'ultimate transferrable work skill'

The ranks of philosophy majors in L&S have nearly doubled in the past decade. A California magazine report explores the attraction to a field that physicist Stephen Hawking declared dead just three years ago.

At White House screening of 'Cesar Chavez,' alum reflects on her grandfather's legacy

The White House screened the new film "Cesar Chavez" on March 19, providing insight in to the skills and dedication that propelled Chavez's success. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a White House staff member and L&S alumna, explains why her grandfather's teachings on grassroots organizing is still relevant today.

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