Giving to L&S

The College of Letters and Science, one of the largest and most prestigious teaching and research entities in the nation, stands at the heart of Berkeley’s intellectual preeminence and comprehensive excellence.

Our continued leadership in education, research, and public service depends on private philanthropy from our alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations. Gifts to Berkeley play an essential role both in sustaining fundamental traditions of excellence and in moving the University forward decisively.

The College is already a leader in discovery and innovation. Here, the frontiers of science are explored and tested. New understanding of our society is gathered. Curiosity and imagination are sparked. Knowledge is shared, discoveries are made, passions are engaged, and the world — ultimately — is changed.

Gifts from our alumni and friends will ensure that Berkeley remains the most distinguished public research university in the world. A gift to the L&S Leadership Fund is an investment in educational innovation and supports the undergraduate experience. Endowed Chairs and Distinguished Professorships are essential tools in retaining L&S faculty as well as recruiting new talent to the campus. Financial Aid ensures that a Berkeley education remains available to the broadest population of talented students.

Your partnership and investment in the University helps us change lives on campus and throughout the world. Thank you for your commitment.

Supporting Undergraduate Education

Some of UC Berkeley’s most deserving and financially disadvantaged students will have a chance to pursue their educational dreams thanks to a $500,000 Endowment Challenge Grant from the Hearst Foundations in California. By supporting undergraduate students in the College of Letters and Science, the scholarships will help preserve Berkeley’s legacy of excellence.
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Funding the War on Cancer

Thanks to a $15.7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute, physical scientists and engineers will be able to open a new front in the war on cancer at the new UC Berkeley's Physical Sciences-Oncology Center.

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