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Georgina Kleege: Telling the Story of Disability

Do autobiographies written by people with disabilities demystify disability and offer a valuable view into lives at the margins of culture, or are these memoirs merely another form of freak-show, helping to reinforce the notion that disability is a tragedy to be heroically overcome?

What’s on Your iPod? Faculty Have Their Favorites, Too

Students use their iPods all the time. But Berkeley faculty members have their own relationships to those little ear buds? We asked faculty in the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences and here's what we found out.

The Dogged Pursuit of a Practical Robot

The lengthy quest to build machines with as much mobility and load carriage as animals was the topic of the first in a new seminar series from the Center for Interdisciplinary Bio-Inspiration in Education and Research (CIBER).

Archeologists Find Ancient Cemetery in Egypt

The El Hibeh tell, a mound of ancient human architecture, artifacts and debris, is so rich with remnants of human life that shards of pottery literally crunch under a visitor’s feet. Cal professor Carol Redmount has led a research team there every year since 2001. Last year, the Discovery Channel came along.

New Insight Into Massive Star Formation

In order for a rare, massive star to form inside an interstellar cloud of gas and dust, small "helper" stars about the size of the sun must first set the stage, according to astrophysicists at UC Berkeley and and Princeton University.

Hunger Scholar Argues for Broader View on Eating

When James Vernon’s father was growing up during the 1930s and World War II in Britain, food was far from abundant. Hunger was common, and the memory of going without would remain powerful for that generation.

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