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Four L&S Faculty Members Elected to AAAS

Five UC Berkeley professors were elected on April 28 to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the nation's most prestigious honorary societies. Four of them are faculty in the College of Letters and Science: John Kuriyan, Jasper Rine, James Powell, and Yuri Slezkine.

Scientists Refine the Date of Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Geochronology Center have pinpointed the date of the dinosaurs' extinction more precisely than ever thanks to refinements to a common technique for dating rocks and fossils. Their findings were published in Science magazine.

L&S Colloquium on Undergraduate Education

Held on the first anniversary of Virginia Tech massacre, the Spring Colloquium on Undergraduate Education focused on students, faculty, and staff in distress, and served as a poignant reminder of the need to be educated and vigilant about safety on campus.

Rosemary Joyce’s Research Digs at Questions of Identity

Focusing on the pots of the Ulua River Valley in northern Honduras, Rosemary Joyce, chair of Berkeley’s Anthropology Department, offers us a window into the Mesoamerican culture of the 8th century.

Three L&S Professors Win Distinguished Teacher Awards

Distinguished TeachersTop teachers win Distinguished Teacher Awards, carrying on a proud, half-century Cal tradition. Three of the four honorees are in the College of Letters and Science.

Clues to a Midlife Dementia that Erases Personality

New clues have been uncovered by UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco researchers to a mystifying dementia that robs its victims of empathy and social skills, and leads to an early death.

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