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Lunch Poems and Readings Are Back

Last semester, the English department launched Story Hour, a new reading series, giving the campus’s venerable Lunch Poems series a prose companion. Here is a rundown of the readers and writers who will appear in the two series this fall.

"Physics for Future Presidents" Now a Book

Physicist Richard A. Muller has transformed his popular Discovery Course, "Physics for Future Presidents," into a popular book of the same name, providing a must-know tutorial on everything from nuclear weapons to global warming.

Jupiter and Saturn Full of Liquid Metal Helium

A strange metal brew lies buried deep within Jupiter and Saturn, giving important clues to the evolution of planets, according to a new study by researchers at the UC Berkeley and in London.

Mark Schlissel Appointed New Dean of Biological Sciences

A professor of immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology, Mark Schlissel was named dean of the Biological Sciences Division, replacing W. Geoffrey Owen, who served as dean from 2002 until retiring last month. 

Poet Cecil Giscombe Inspires Students with the Outdoors

Students of his non-fiction travel writing class strolled from the Mission district all the way to Columbus Street, hunting for the kind of moments that inspire writers to document their wanderings.

SURF Gives L&S Undergrads a Taste of Real Research

Forty-nine undergraduates are participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program, which  provides seniors contemplating further academic study with living expenses so they can engage in the kind of intensive research that forms the foundation for graduate work.

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