Awards Won by L&S Faculty

Eugene Chang, Munis Faruqui and Ron Hassner were named recipients of the 2014 Distinguished Teaching Awards. ► More
Robin Einhorn and Kent Puckett are winners of Berkeley’s 2011 Distinguished Teaching Awards.
Anne-Lise François's book Open Secrets: The Literature of Uncounted Experience is the winner of the 2010 René Wellek Prize, awarded by the American Comparative Literature Association.  ► More
Saul Perlmutter wins Einstein Medal. ► More
Per-Olof Persson and David F. Savage are awarded Sloan Research Fellowships. ► More
Anne-Lise François's book Open Secrets: The Literature of Uncounted Experience wins the 2010 René Wellek Prize from the American Comparative Literature Association. ► More
James Berger receives the National Academy of Sciences Award in Molecular Biology. ► More
David Collier and Patricia Claire Zambryski have been named 2010 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). ► More
Jillian Banfield is awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science and the L'Oréal-UNESCO "For Women in Science" award ► More
Jennifer A. Doudna is elected to the Institute of Medicine ► More
Emmanuel Saez wins 2010 MacArthur "Genius" Award ► More
Donald C. Rio receives a EUREKA award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.  More
Diana Bautista receives NHI's New Innovator Awards.  More
Alexandre Chorin and James A. Sethian are being honored with the 2011 Lagrange Prize, awarded every four years by the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. ► More
David Aldous is elected to the National Academy of Sciences. ► More
Maciej Rafal Zworski, Richard A. Muller, Geoffrey W. Marcy, David Gil Drubin, Richard H. Harland, Emmanuel Saez, Ruth Berins Collier, Neil Fligstein, and Carla Hesse have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  ► More
Line Mikkelsen is one of the winners of UC Berkeley's Distinguished Teacher Awards  ► More
Holger Müller, Adam Szeidl, Thomas L. Griffiths, and Ulrike M. Malmendier to receive $50,000 Sloan Research Fellowships  ► More
W. Zacheus Cande, Donald J. DePaolo and Yuen-Ron Shen have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  ► More
Lin He is a winner of the MacArthur "genius" fellowship awarded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  ► More

Anthony A. Long, Robert Tjian, and James W. Valentine have been elected to the American Philosophical Society.   ► More

Alex Filippenko, Robert Fischer, Sarah Hake, Hiroshi Nikaido, and Mu-ming Poo were elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).  ► More

Emmanuel Saez wins John Bates Clark Medal for 2009. ► More
Mitchell Breitwieser and Andrew Stewart win 2009 Distinguished Teacher Awards. ► More
John Campbell and Lyn Hejinian are among the newly-elected Guggenheim fellows for 2009.  ► More

Judith Butler wins the 2008 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award.   ► More

Paul Richards shares the $1 million Dan David Prize for his contributions to understanding the history of the universe.  ► More

George Smoot was honored with the Oersted Medal by the American Association of Physics Teachers. More

Ahmet Yildiz, Shachar Kariv and Hartmut Häffner won Sloan fellowships, awarded to exceptional researchers early in their academic careers. ► More

Steven E. Brenner, Jennifer A. Doudna, Susan Marqusee, Barbara J. Meyer, Nipam H. Patel, and Bin Yu have been named 2008 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  ► More

Pranab K. Bardhan, Louise Palmer Fortmann and Peter B. Zinoman are new Fulbright scholars.  ► More
Walter Alvarez wins $250,000 Vetlesen Prize.  ► More
Richard Karp wins 2008 Kyoto Prize  ► More
Astrophysicist Reinhard Genzel wins million-dollar Shaw Prize.  ► More
Charles Henry receives Chancellor’s Award. ► More
Yang Dan, Abby F. Dernburg and Michael B. Eisen have been appointed Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigators.  ► More
Francesca Rochberg and Randy Schekman are elected to the American Philosophical Society.  ► More
Michael Botchan, Jasper Rine and George Smoot are elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  ► More
John Kuriyan, Jasper Rine, James Powell, and Yuri Slezkine are elected to the American Academy of Arts & Science.  ► More
Karl Ashoka Britto, Stefano DellaVigna and Kaja Silverman win Distinguished Teacher Awards
Margaret Lavinia Anderson, Stanley Brandes, Giovanni (John) Ferrari, Paolo Mancosu, Arthur Shimamura, and Kaja Silverman have been awarded 2008 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowships   ► More
Robert Hass Wins Pulizer Prize for "Time and Materials."  ► More
Joseph Duggan awarded first Dickson Emeriti Professorship.  ► More
Novelist [and UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus] Maxine Hong Kingston wins Kirsch award.  ► More
Robert Hass Wins the 2007 National Book Award.  ► More
Assistant Professor Jan Liphardt Wins Innovator Award.  ► More
Ten UC Berkeley faculty members, including seven L&S faculty, are named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  ► More
Michael Rape receives  National Institutes of Health New Innovator Award.  ► More
Saul Perlmutter shares Gruber Cosmology Prize.  ► More
L&S professors Judith Butler and T.J. Clark elected to American Philosophical Society.  ► More
Five L&S faculty members elected to Academy of Arts & Sciences.  ► More
Three L&S professors win UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Awards.  ► More
Sociology Professor Jerome Karabel wins ASA's Distinguished Book Award.  ► More
The late Berkeley Professor Emeritus Marvin Rosenberg was named winner of the George Freedly Memorial Award.  ► More
Humanities professors are elected to membership in the American Philosophical Society.  ► More
Professors Jennifer Doudna and Carolyn Bertozzi will receive half of 1.8 million gift to advance health research.  ► More
Cosmologist George F. Smoot wins 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.  ► More
Astronomer Alex Filippenko Wins Richtmyer Memorial Lecture Award, is named Professor of the Year.   ► More
Cell Biologist Rebecca Heald wins $2.5 million NIH Pioneer Award.  ► More
Berkeley physicist Saul Perlmutter wins Shaw Prize.   ► More
Mathematician Stephen J. Smale awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize.  ► More
Music professors Richard Taruskin and Kate van Orden honored for books.
Art historian Margaretta M. Lovell receives Smithsonian American Art Museum award.   ► More
Biologist Jasper Rine is named million-dollar professor by HHMI.  ► More
Art historian Timothy J. Clark wins Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award.   ► More
Environmental scientist Inez Fung receives $1.6 million grant for HydroWatch Center.  ► More
Four L&S faculty — Jillian F. Banfield, Rober P. Lin, Michael A. Marletta, and Dan-Virgil Voiculescu — were elected to National Academy of Sciences in 2006.
Fifteen L&S faculty were elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), bringing the total number of fellows on campus to about 200. April 24 electees    November 27 electees

The L&S Faculty Includes:

  • 15 of the 22 Nobel Prizes on the campus, including four current faculty members
  • 3 of 4 Pulitzer Prizes
  • 19 out of 32 MacArthur Genius Awards
  • 3 Shaw Prize winners
  • 74 percent of Guggenheim Fellowships
  • 70 percent of the campus’ members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 74 percent of Berkeley’s members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 31 of 39 of UC Berkeley members of the American Philosophical Society

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