Colloquia on Undergraduate Education

The L&S Colloquia on Undergraduate Education bring together leaders from UC and other top academic institutions to discuss overarching issues affecting undergraduate education. This program is currently on hiatus. For more information contact Alix Schwartz at or (510) 642-8378.


Fall 2011 Colloquium

The Virtual University: Challenges and Opportunities
Wednesday, November 16, 3:30-5:00pm
106 Stanley Hall

In recent years the rise of on-line communications has transformed university life, reshaping everything from staff communications to classroom instruction.  This fall's Colloquium explores the rise of on-line education and its implications for the undergraduate experience at Berkeley and beyond.  Do on-line approaches and resources herald a more interactive and flexible approach to instruction, advising, and other aspects of undergraduate life?  Do they, in contrast, threaten face-to-face interactions and undermine personal contacts among students, faculty and staff?  Is the rise of on-line education inevitable, and how will it evolve over the coming years?  The Colloquium will discuss these questions and more, and we invite all members of the campus community to join us.

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Past Colloquia

Fall 2010 Colloquium

Learning to Change the World: Student Activism and Student Learning
Thursday, November 4, 2010

A special edition of the annual L&S Colloquium on Undergraduate Education focused on the topic of student activism. A panel of student, faculty and staff experts discuss the ways in which student activism intersects with, enriches and reinforces the intellectual and academic experience of undergraduate student at U.C. Berkeley.

Fall 2009 Colloquium

What Is the Future of Science Education?
Monday, Oct. 12, 2009

A distinguished panel of science and education experts exchanged opinions on the best ways to motivate and engage students to learn math and science in today's high-tech world. The participants were Paul Kelter, professor of education at Northern Illinois University; Richard Muller, professor of physics at UC Berkeley; and Deborah Nolan, professor of statistics at UC Berkeley

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Spring 2009 Colloquium

The Wonder Years:  Reflections on the Undergraduate Experience at Berkeley
April 21, Dwinelle Hall

Dean Tyler Stovall of the Undergraduate Division led a discussion of the undergraduate experience at Berkeley — its opportunities, challenges, and prospects for the future.

The event included commentaries from students, staff and faculty representatives. Speakers also included Professor Karl A. Britto, French and Comparative Literature; Assistant Vice Chancellor Barbara Gross Davis, Equity and Inclusion; and Academic Affairs Vice President Carlo De La Cruz, Associated Students of the University of California, Berkeley.  Read more

Previous Years' Colloquia:

For more information on upcoming or past programs, contact James Dudek, (510) 643-0727.


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