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The intellectual heart of UC Berkeley, the College of Letters and Science is the largest of the university’s 14 colleges and schools and the most prestigious teaching and research unit in the UC system. L&S encompasses more than half of the campus’s faculty, three-quarters of its undergraduate students, and half of its Ph.D. candidates.

The College takes students on the academic adventure of a lifetime by exposing them to a vibrant, broad-based liberal arts education at the highest level of excellence. Our students engage in dialogue with the world’s best teachers and its most distinguished researchers and scholars. Together they participate in projects at the forefront of science, solve pressing social problems, create art, explore diverse values and cultures, and seek answers to the biggest questions of our times.

L&S offers students a choice of more than 80 departmental majors as well as vast opportunities to study and conduct research both within and outside of the traditional disciplines. By encouraging students to pursue their curiosity in a multitude of areas, the College of Letters and Science sets its graduates on a lifelong path of learning and personal growth.

The College is organized into five divisions:

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

"The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think."

—Albert Einstein

The L&S Faculty Includes:

  • 15 of the 22 Nobel Prizes on the campus, including four current faculty members
  • 3 of 4 Pulitzer Prizes
  • 19 out of 32 MacArthur Genius Awards
  • 3 Shaw Prize winners
  • 74 percent of Guggenheim Fellowships
  • 70 percent of the campus’ members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 74 percent of Berkeley’s members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 31 of 39 of UC Berkeley members of the American Philosophical Society

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