How do students put themselves on the degree list? What are the deadlines?


Students can put themselves on the degree list via Tele-BEARS when registering for their last term. This feature is available untll the Adjustment Period ends. After that, students can put themselves on the degree list by submitting the Petition to Add to the Degree List at 206 Evans Hall.

After the eighth week and through the last day of classes, students can add to the degree list by submitting the Petition to Late Add to the Degree List and a major approval memo signed by the major adviser, to 206 Evans.  The major approval memo must indicate what courses (if any) the student needs to complete and the grades that must be earned in order for the student to finish all requirements for the major.

When students place themselves on the degree list, they should also come to the L&S Advising Office for a degree check to make sure they have completed all college requirements.  Encourage students to request degree checks one semester before they intend to finish so they can register for appropriate classes during their final term.

Students who forget to add themselves to the degree list do not graduate, even if all requirements are complete.  These students need to place themselves on the next term's degree list.

The official date of graduation is the last day of finals.

Students who wish to drop from the degree list must submit the Petition to Drop from Degree List at 206 Evans Hall.

Click here for more information on graduation.

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